Revengeful Spirit (Horror/Fantasy Challange)

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well if u write it quicki can enter it so k is for Kuchisake-onna a vengeful spirit of a woman that was multilated by her husband and 22 is for brutal murder

Submitted: April 02, 2010

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Submitted: April 02, 2010



Once was known by the name of Catherine Bell from the town of Salem is now Kuchisake-onna in which is her spirt that has overcometh her in the afterlife. She was a woman married to a man named Marcus Bell. They were happily married until she found out her husbands secret that in which changed everthing she thought she had ever known. It was a beginning of sleepless nights and worrying.

It started when she would wake up in the middle of the night to see that her husband would be gone and it was a weekly occurance. Sometimes he wouldnt be back for hours and when he would come back he wouldn't explain anthing and got tempermental to the point she quit asking him. Just bottled up everything inside until i she finally decided to find out once and for all. On a clear and moonless night she knew he would be leaving again so when they went to sleep she just pretended to until he got up thinking she was sound asleep. As soon as he got into his car and left she sneaked out and got into her black car and followed him without him knowing. She ended up following him to an old broken down abandoned building. When he went inside she waited for a second and pulled around back and followed him quietly to find a room full of parts of bodies arms, legs, and parts of bodies. It sent a chill down her spine and sent a shock in her mind. Then she seen him drag a person into the room. It was a little too dark to identify the person. She seen him chain the person down while wondering what he was doing and he took an ax and inside her mind she was screaming "no, nooo, pleasee" as she seen him slab the ax onto the body cutting it up and she was in so disbelief. Her husband was a murderer!!! In shock she ran to her car crying not knowing he had seen her.

When she got home she didnt know what to do. She put it all together. The constant news of missing people everything now made sense exept the reason why but his motive she really didnt want to know. She paced back and forth wondering; she knew she wasnt safe. Then came to the conclusion to leave without leaving a trace. So she packed up everything she could as fast as she could and bolted to the front door. As she opened it a dark figuire was standing in front of it. It was Marcus, her husband, the murderer. He walked in and said, "Hello dear where are you going to."

She replied, "umm sorry late notice my sister is sick and im going to go care for her for a while."

"Is that right," he said, "and you going to tell the police on the way of what you saw."

She said scarely, "I dont know what our talkng about..." as she gulped.

He said, "dont pretend you didnt see me for i seen you and i dont leave witnesses alive," as he pulled out the ax with fresh blood dripping off the edge. She ran up the stairs and threw down her luggage to try to hit him but it didnt stop him. He was after her determined to leave no witnesses alive. He chased her down all the hallways until she hit a dead end. "mwahaha evil always wins in the end," he said with a smile on his face. 

She pleaded, "please dont do this i know you are better than this Marcus."

"haha!!," he said, "if you think that you dont know me at all." "Please tell all my past wives i said hi for me," as he lifted the ax and cut her to a brutal death.

Kuchisake-onna was now her name she became a spirit looking for revenge. She was mad and fierce and determined to have him die. She used her ability as a spirit to munipulate the earthly world. She went down and on one of those dark nights she knew he was out to kill another. She went to the building that was so stunnably even know with pieces of people. As soon as he drug in another victim to fill his own selfish wickedness. When he pulled up the ax, as she seen the victim's fear in his eyes, she overtook Marcus's body and made him miss and hit and chopped off his leg instantly killing him. She pulled her spirit out of it and said, "Marcus your wrong good always win no matter what." As her plan of revenge was complete and left a witness to tell his wicked ways and the whole community of Salem found out and as she looked down from the heavens she just smiled and said, "Your safe now Salem."


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