sacrifice, risk, and when you would do anything for that one person you love

i will sacrifice the world for you including myself and everything

i would risk everything i have for you to be standing next to me

i would do anything for you to stay forever in my life

please never deny my heart for you will certainly be burying me alive

sometimes for love you got to sacrifice to know that their worth fighting for

to bring you through a life of troubles and show you what really matters in the light

to risk anything and everything is a dedication you have to have

to show that you really love them and know your love is true within your heart

when you know you would risk your life to be with them forever

in when it is noticeable to your heart that their the one who you love

the one the only person that you would sacrifice that much and who you

would give anything just to have them by your side

to sacrifice, risk, and to know you will for them you really do love them

Submitted: March 19, 2010

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