Scars (angellynns poetry contest)

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this is for a contest supposed to be dark

Submitted: March 28, 2010

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Submitted: March 28, 2010



scars embedded into his wrists like rememberance of his memory

every time he looks he sees the pain and misery that his life has created

it is like a constant reminder of his scarred and broken heart

that his heart is fragile and he is not immortal when it comes to love

the thoughts that comes to his head when he looks at the cuts creates

somwhat of a slideshow of memories of him around her and him with her

he didnt understand why she would deny his heart and shove him away

into the total eclipse of darkness that he now calls his life for without her

his life is empty and when she left him it felt like it ripped his heart apart and

tore out his insides leaving a dead and hollow place where he is now numb

and he seems to not feel anything at all anymore because the pain of his lost

losing her created a deep death in him that he just could not explain just felt

he would rather die than feel this pain within him for since then life has no meaning

he cuts to feel the pain but that does not help for it just creates a place for once again

reminds him of his pain and creates a show of his life and once again he is

flooding inside with the feelings of agony and misery overcoming his body

and rattles through his veins like venom in his blood and kills him little by little

as the thought of cutting himself would help the pain backfired on him for the scars

that submerged in the places just left him horrible feelings and misery

by reminding him of the reason why he did this dead in the first place

for he now realizes pain doesnt help pain it just adds to it

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