Scorned Black Rose (All Angels Picture Poetry Challenge by angellynn)

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this is for the All Angels Picture Poetry Challenge hosted by angellynn

Submitted: March 06, 2010

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Submitted: March 06, 2010



you left me all alone holding a black rose in my lonely hand without your touch

with the many thorns of the rose pricking me over and over again to my heart

you leave me all alone to just my only companion right now is my black cat

lonliness does something to a person with tears rolling down my face

with a ring of roses set upon my head with the many thorns hurting every part of me

the sharp thorn is stuck in my heart like a knife as i hold the black rose in my hand

and my cat follows me as a remembrance of the superstition of the life i have

my wings that once let me fly among the clouds and let me have so much happiness

and let me smile and be happy when i was with you everyday of each moment

now has turned fragile and black which now sustains me on the cold ground

so i can never fly among them ever again until you take this thorn out from my heart

and give me the love you have showed me before you cut into me and scorned me

my cat keeps me company through all the dark and lonely times without you

he is the only one who seems to love me even when the rest of the world has turned

their back on me and left me alone in the dark and horrors of this world

one day i hope you will come back to me and see that we are meant to be

then pull this thorn out of my heart, turn my rose red with a kiss, and once again

give my wings the magic to fly among the clouds with you right beside me

but until then i will feel the sharp pain within me with tears within i cry

and i will continue to hold my black rose in my hands with my black cat in my arms

and i will stay on the ground right where you left me until you come back to me again

for right now i am silent for i am dead!

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