Sunrise with Him

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i love thinking about you. always 24/7 you run through my mind for when we met you entered it and never left. in my heart i love you so much that i wish and dream about being with you. sometimes i set on my bed like right now i and my mind takes me to think of a perfect scenery shared with you. a beautiful thought to help see me through the times i miss you.

Submitted: February 04, 2010

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Submitted: February 04, 2010



You and me are laying on the beach with the sand covering us all over and sand grains between our toes.While you hold me in your warm embrace until it becomes quite late. Since it was we thought about wanting to watch the sunset and all its beauty. Then i thought, while laying in his arms, of how special a sunset is and that it is just as special as love. For a sunset is there but really unexplainable....its just there. Just like love you know its there but you dont know exactly what it is you just feel it inside. Love is like a gentle breeze that in which matching the weather we were in. After a day of playing in the ocean waters and having fun in the sun we just wanted to see this magical process of the sunset and its show on the sea before we left.

As time passed we laid there waiting i could feel his embrace getting stronger as i was chilling a little due to the coldness of being soaked from the water and the gentle breeze sweeping across me but when i was in his arms them little things didnt matter to me anymore. Just being there i felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be so close beside him. That icould be so close i could her his heart beat and his steady slow breath i felt like i was on cloud nine being with him. It was just being around him was enough for me it was a magical feeling. For i know many times my heart likes to race, my lungs hypertention, while my stomach gets filled with butterflies, and my body shakes because when i am around him these things i cant control and i call it a thing called love.

Well eventually the sun did set with colors of pink, purple, blue, yellow strayed across the sky. As its reflection came upon the water with the ripples making it beautiful. The sun slowly set until we could see it no more and was replaced by the moon and the stars.Then we starred at the stars for a while looking at constellations and everything until eventually we were so comfortable together on the beach upon the grains of sand that in his embrace i feel fast alseep until the next morning we woke up with the bright shine of the quiet rising of the sun and all its glory of relighting the world. I thought to myself of how special this was and never wanting this day to end. We had seen it alone just each other and i thought that this would be so perfect to happen in real life.

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