The Spirit on the Beach of Shian

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Halloween story

Submitted: September 20, 2010

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Submitted: September 20, 2010



once upon a cloudy night upon the full moon in sight. With howls and shreaking that could be heard beneath the windy breeze. ten till 2 at night it was said that a woman was down by the shores of shiane....walking for the thoughts had clouded her mind. she needed rest. she needed peace. the actions she had seen would h...aunt her forever. a man who had controled the city to the point nobody was safe. he was cold hearted and went by the name of amsterdam killer. New York was his city and the people were his victims. His plan of action was to kill all people who the devil in his head chose so he killed them. the people werent in order or the same type they were all one was safe...he was a murderer an assistant of the "devil" that told him to kill. it wasnt by pleasure it was by choice.he wouldnt use anything but his bare hands to kill so leave no trace behind. but one night he left a victim alive. she claimed to have been walking by the beach of she had many times before. until a person came up approached right behind her and tightened his grip around her neck to she couldnt breath and was barely alive. she could see the coldness in his eyes behind the mask he wore. she knew......she knew who he was. it left her breatheless just the thought of knowing the her own killer was her own husband. He left when he seen that she knew. but that night she was to terrified that for her own safety she went into the water and let herself drown...she knew of no other way to but die in peace. however to this day when u see footprints in the sand her spirit still walks the beaches of shian.


the End Happy Halloween

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