To Yourself You Dont Suffice

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idk some thoughts on the thoughts of myself

Submitted: January 21, 2012

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Submitted: January 21, 2012



you try to be perfect, you try to be good enough

to your standards or anothers

but for some way or reason you are never to yourself

perfect or even good at anything

you detest and give yourself a lot of hate

for your feelings for your self is bad and hatred

because you seem to try and try

but never good enough to suffice

or to yourself anyways

even surviving in your own mind your sinking

deep into a black room and just feel hurt

some may say i am too hard on myself

but to me i dont know thats how i am

i never wanna be selfish or great

because i know i am not

my mind just runs from day to day

and when i do something dissappointing

even a little i start drowning back into my mind

hating myself more and more

knowing i cant be good enough at anything

but hopefully one day i can suffice at something

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