USS Arizona

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this is about a memorial of USS Arizona and meeting my fiancee there. NOT true story hehe

Submitted: April 07, 2010

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Submitted: April 07, 2010



Standing on the deck of a battleship memorial as i walk down the to the stern and touching all the pieces of the ship around me I just could not believe. I was on the USS Arizona thee ship of Pearl Harbor. Wonder what the passengers on the ship were thinking and all the memories that must be filled in between each and every part of the ship. It was thee ship of battleships this ship changed the way all were made. I ran my hand down the railing as I seemed to shake to the thought of the memories all this resembled. Then I came across a plaque on a stand and I walked over and seen the names engraved of each and every name that was on the ship and died in that horrible disaster of bombing. I was in misbelief I could not believe all the people all the pain. Just the thought seeing a ship going down in flames was hard enough to think of but actually being on that ship would be a memory that would scorn anyone forever even after death. I could just wonder but no one would ever know what really was on the passengers thoughts that fatal day. All them soliders who put on a uniform and fought for their country. Gave it their all to save us and our freedom. The USS Arizona set an example in history. Just know that ship changed the world of battleships from that day on. Then i came back into my right train of thought. So i continued to walk down the deck and through the rooms to see the artifacts and everything that I could see.

Then I seen a man in uniform from the corner of my eye and it was my fiancee'. I ran into his arms and held him tight. He was a captain of the US 47 Troops. He had been gone for 10 long months and just to see him alive and look into his eyes again just made me the happiest person in the world at that time. We wanted to visit this ship together the memorial ship together when he landed. He surprised me due to I was supposed to pick him up at the fleet base in California. He must of got message I was going to be there. He said, "how are you dear?" and I replied, "wondeful now that your hear" as I looked into his eyes and smiled. He smiled back and gave me a kiss I have been longing for months to just be with him. I pinched myself thinking I was having again one of those crazy dreams but I wasn't this was really happening.

Next thing I remember was the next day when I was in a white dress walking down the isle. Looking around and seeing a bunch of guys in army uniform at our wedding as we said our I do's and were finally married to each other, the love of our life!! We left the chapel as each soldier saluted him with happiness in their eyes. I was just so happy to be with him and he was still alive I was greatful.

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