Why Cant You See Me

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Submitted: May 18, 2010

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Submitted: May 18, 2010




why does life has to be so complicated and hard

i just wish and imagine to be in your loving arms and tell me everythings alright

that you dont like another girl or anyone else for that matter

that you see how much I love you and know that you deserve so much

i would treat you like gold everyday of my life if i had a chance

why cant you just realize and see i would give you everything you need

and provide to me everything i need: you

please just hold me tight and take away the pain and tell me this is just imagination

an aweful nightmare or dream and wake me up to the bright happiness of your eyes

but i am sorry to say this isnt a dream of any kind and even though i know you

seem to like someone else for some reason i still see unhappiness in your eyes

full of worry and pain and i just wish i could take that all away from you and

replace it with much needed happiness and you will realize you are meant to be

with me no one else for you mean everything to me and if you give me a chance

i believe you would feel the same way and regain happiness inside yourself and

change me to feel like the luckest person in the world

but Why cant you do this and try with me for i believe i know you deserve everything

and i want you forver and always

just think for one second with your heart and see there has to be a reason no one has

ever worked with you for the person that loves you the most is right in front of you

just wanting to love you forever and wish every moment to be in your loving arms

and I will know that everything I ever needed in my world is there beside me

~I Love You sooo much~

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