the way he catches my full attention

You catch my full attention every moment of everyday

It seems like I hear your name everywhere I go

When I hear your name my ears perk up

in a sea of people or in a large building when we both are there

it seems like no matter how far I am away from you I can hear your voice

it is special to me that I just cannot forget that sound and it catches my attention

even out of a crowd of people your voice stands out to me

when I see you and walk by you to be with you it seems like when i am with you

you send me into a trance that makes the rest of the world oblivious but you

when my life seems to fall and starts to collapse into a sea of debris

the only thing keeping me the most alive is my love for you and hope

when you hold on to that someone and never want to let go

I never want to think of not ever hearing your voice again for that would bring

tears to my eyes or not seeing you again would create a certain death within

me I dont think I could ever get out of such a depression that would cause

I want to be with you forever and to always be in my life for you are my world

and my everything and you are the one person I love so much I would risk

anything for even though I dont have much I would always give you my heart

Submitted: April 13, 2010

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