You do this to me...I still love you

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this was a time in which i was missing him so much my heart was hurting. and i was stuck in the house due to snowdays

Submitted: January 30, 2010

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Submitted: January 30, 2010



when your so sad and it feels
like your worlds crashing down around you
and you just dont know what to do right now
you feel like your in hell and living in misery
and is so desperate to do anything to let
yourself and make yourself break free
from these iron bars thats holds you back and
these chains that wont set you free the
only thing that can help yourself right now

its the courage within its the key to unlock
the door its the secret passage out of this
hell dark room its the key to happiness
and everyway you need it to see
that courage is exactly what you need
to escape this misery...escape this misery

to quit the tears within i cry every moment
that passes by that my heart is in your hands
everything i am is closer to you than you think
because its you who causes all my
happiness and pain but quit all this pain from
missing you again and again and again

i want to be closer to you than i ever have
been before i want to quit this awful pain
please help me if you can and just see the
love i have for you and believe that we
are really meant to be

no more misery no more heartache
only joy and happiness is allowed
when im with you for you never let
me have any pain when im with you
for you know exactly what to say and
do and to make me smile every second
evenwhen i dont want to

you do all this to
me I love you

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