You Forever Mine

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this is my love for him

Submitted: March 22, 2010

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Submitted: March 22, 2010



what hurts the most is being denied by him

when your love with them is only one-sided

when you hear those little things you dont want to hear

starts you crying til the tears fall fast down your cheek

for them few little words like 'they dont like you that way'

hurts your heart so bad it is feels like your dying inside

your insides being ripped apart and all your feelings stripped

however your heart is still beating for them

the one person who you are so wrapped around with

and head over heels completely in love with so you will always

believe that one day it will work for its meant to be

and i hope i am right for the first moment in my life he is gone

from my life and into anothers i will surely die inside

without him to lean upon and love forever i will want

for he is the one and only and you may say you dont even know

what love even is or heartbreaking thoughts set into your mind

but yes i do it is him that i see those thoughts and know my love is true

and this just isnt another teenage crush on a guy that will never last

for he love is worth fighting for and the tears will fade eventually when

my hand is set right in his and he is walking right beside me

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