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how much pictures mean to you ***Thank Goodness for Pictures*** =D

Submitted: March 31, 2010

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Submitted: March 31, 2010



the way i can be laying on my bed crying over you just the thought of me missing you

but somehow i can look at your picture with the biggest smile on your face and

you just seem to wash all my tears away until you cant even tell i have been crying

seeing you smile makes me happy and the thought of the sound of your voice

can drown out  any sadness I have away even when its over you

and my heart seems to relapse and beat a little faster with you

as I seem to get happier with every moment I look at every one of your pictures

the pictures just lets me think and remember you when i am so sad and hurting

and helps let the love I have for you overflow within myself and extinguish the fire

of the pain and sadness I have and the reasons for my tears I cry

just looking at your pictures and the thought of you saves me every single time

for pictures of the one you love just helps the pain for love always overcomes 

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