Divorce and Thoughts....

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What ifs....

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



You posted a photo of you both as happy as can be,

did it even cross your mind about how it could affect me?

Holding up wine

and haveing a great time.

While im home anything worse than fine,

I keep thinking in my head, "they didnt even give us a sign.."

You just went away to the papers and signed,

and with that my whole entire world i knew, died.

Both of you just casually were happy,

usually people would be sappy.

I wish both of you would have tried,

you kept it together till we were older and now everything has died.

You could have gone to cousling or therapy

but you both just sat and watched your marrige leave.

The house is changing

my idea of a perfect family is fading.

I once had it all,

and now all i do is think of how i watched it fall.

I would dream to have my ex life

but on the other hand on the kitchen table... just waiting to peirce skin... is a knife.

What if i could bring you back together?

What if my death note made you be together forever?

What if my sister could be happy again?

What if all that i would hurt was my friends?

What if every one could move on?

What if i could be at peace knowing my parents would be in love at every dawn?

What if everyone could be happy?

Just thinking... what life would be like with out me.






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