Hope You Know... :)

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A cheater got what he deserved... :)

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



I hope you know 

that as long as this smile shows

you wont be the cause

you may even be the reason it will stop it after a pause

you came like a dream

to good to be true for me

you treated me like a queen

you were built very lean 

you made me feel like some one cared

like some one could love me which is what i feared

you kissed me with passion and love

i even felt like we were in love

but it could never be

cause that text when you said you loved me 

was also sent to ten girls

all in your sepreate worlds 

so when you read this i hope you know

that your car is in that show

yeah, the one where it gets ran over then gets towed

and your phone melted with the smores last night

your lap top fell in the cascades when my siblings where in a fight

your clothes where used as fire wood

oh, i bet you would thank me if you could 

just know i did this cause i love you and care 

but your gonna get ten calls all from girls who agreed with me it was unfair 

so my smile i will wear 

forever till you come back into my life, i swear.

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