Rene the detective The Case of the Mysterious Culprit

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Rene Darwin has an ordinary boring life. Until one day, she becomes a detective! Now, her best friend is in trouble. Rene is definitely on the job!

Submitted: December 25, 2009

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Submitted: December 25, 2009



Rene the Detective

The Case of The Mysterious Culprit

"Ok Rosa, jump!" Rene Darwin ordered her kitten, "Come on!! I thought training you would be awesome! Looks like it's opposite day!" Suddenly, Evelyn Darwin, Rene's twin sister, came up with Rosa's sugar milk. "Hyper active time, Rosa!" Evelyn said. Rosa lapped up her milk faster than you can say 'Higglebottom-shmith' and Rosa became hyper. "Jump!" Rene said, again. Whoop! Rosa had jumped up! "Thanks sis," Rene thanked. "Anytime Twen," Evelyn said, "Anytime." Evelyn called Rene, Twen (mixture of twin and Rene)! "Girls!" Mrs. Catherine Darwin called her daughters, "Come on! Trixie and Emily are here!" Trixie Alfred was Rene's friend, and Emily Jack was Evelyn's friend. "Hi Trixie!" Rene greeted, "What's going on?" "Nothing," Trixie said, "Yesterday, my family and I went to Jammie's house! She's so lucky to be popular! I think someone's following me!" "What?" Rene said, "Come on Trixie! It's nothing to worry about! See, it's just Rosa crawling around your feet!" "I mean it!!" Trixie exclaimed. Was Trixie insane? "Trixie!" Rene said, "Tell me why you're saying this and what makes you think that." "Ok, today, my mom and I visited Inary School, a.k.a. our school," Trixie explained, "So when we got there, you know, it was parents' meeting, so EVERYWHERE there were signs saying, 'Trixie tricks!! Like a sitting duck!' on the flyers. Plus, my picture was on the flyers too!" "Ok, calm down Trixie," Rene said, "It's not a big thing!" "Ok, so the ENTIRE school laughed at me," Trixie confessed. "You're good!" Rene exclaimed, "Ok, now let's see. What time did you reach school?" "10 am," said Trixie. "Hmm......" Rene thought aloud, "Did anything like that happen before the Trixie joke?" "Yes," Trixie answered, "Actually, someone put me on posters; and they made me look FAT!!" Rene knew Trixie hated it when people called her fat. But, she wasn't. "Let's see," Rene said, "Let's go early to school tomorrow. Then, we might see the culprit. I'll tell my dad to drive us. And I'll get my special gadgets. I have to remember to bring the gadget that can make things transparent from the inside, and the same from the outside!" Rene got her gadgets from the kid next door. She was Laura and she was a genius! The next day, Mr. Drake Darwin drove the two friends to school. "Come on!" Rene called her friend. She looked for a place to hide. "Look!" Trixie whispered, "Those blankets! We can hide under there!" The girls hurried into the blankets. Rene used the Transparent From the Inside gadget. "It's the lunch lady, Mrs. Irrait!" Mrs. Irrait was there and she put some posters up. Rene gasped. "Oh wait!" Rene said, "That poster is for Meatball Monday!" Now, it was the teachers who put up some posters for Reading Week. Then it was Carrie Hilton's campaign for president. Then, someone came and put up a poster. "Trixie!" Rene whispered, "Look! It's, um, someone! That person is keeping up a poster. It says Trixie Mixy! And he or she put your face all smushed up!" Trixie gasped. "No!" she whispered. Trixie was so mad, that she got out of the blanket and ran after the culprit. "Stop!" Trixie ordered. The culprit was wearing all black, so the girls couldn't make out who it was. Trixie ran after him or her. Rene got out of the blanket, too and went to the other end of the hall where the halls met. Rene hid behind the lockers and waited. The culprit was soon coming near and........THUMP! Rene jumped and caught him or her! "Yes!" Rene said. As soon as Rene took off the black colored mask, she was shocked. So was Trixie! "Jammie!" Rene exclaimed, "It was you!" "Yes," Jammie answered glumly. "Why me?" Trxie asked, "Why did you do this to me?" "Because in your Trixie's Blog you wrote me as Snooty Pa-tooty!" Jammie retorted. "I'm gonna kill Fred!" Trixie shouted. Fred was Trixie's little sneaky brother. He loved to annoy Trixie. "I'm sorry!" Jammie said, but Rene could tell Jammie would do something like that again! "You're free," Rene said, letting go of Jammie, "Ok, Jammie you gotta-" Rene couldn't finish her sentence because the hallway was empty. "JAMMIE!" Rene and Trixie shouted.

The End

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