White Wolf, White Wolf: A Dark Tale

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I had a dream a few nights ago. I decided to type it up.

Submitted: January 27, 2014

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Submitted: January 27, 2014



White Wolf, White Wolf

A Dark Tale

By Tianna Woo

A young princess looked off into the far distance of her kingdom. She was sitting ever so near cliff’s edge. The infamous cliff was known as Still Man's Cliff. The legendary heroes from long ago pushed their foes down the cliff after they defeated them. They lay now as still dusty skeletons at the bottom of the steep trench. Scraggy vultures pecked at their empty skulls.

Aris was her name. Her lemony blonde hair flowed steadily in the thin breeze. Her silky pink dress brushed against her knees. Her dark red lipstick was now faded from licking her lips too much. The sun was setting, looking more glorious than ever before. Aris got up and smirked. “One step and I’m gone…” she whispered almost gladly to the wind. She closed her eyes and let herself fall helplessly down the cliff. She grinned as she fell. Thump! Something soft caught her in midair. It illuminated brightly. The sudden light faded after a few seconds. Aris found herself lying back on the grass once more. This time with a white wolf panting over her body. Aris pushed the big dog off her chest with her feet. It tumbled off of her, flopping onto it’s side.

“Sharu? What are you doing here?” she queried, looking wide eyed at the wolf. Sharu was her wolf companion.

The wolf quickly got back up. “I was going to interrogate the same question. What are you doing here? The king and queen are worried sick! They’ve already sent out a search party.” The wolf bared its teeth at Aris. He was telepathic.

Aris scoffed at the agitated wolf and laughed rather grimly. “Those fools! Do they acknowledge they’re chasing after a pathetic excuse for a princess? Mother and father have treated me poorly in the past fourteen years. Showed me that I’m nothing but a worthless scumbag to this Earth. I don’t deserve my rightful life. I’m torn. Gone! Lost it to Satan, the damned Hell demon himself!” Aris shouted angrily to the sky. The sun had already set. It was dark now.

Sharu cocked his head a little to the left. “My dear Aris… This isn’t like you. Lost it to the devil? Why, that’s silly talk! Come back to the castle immediately!” Sharu’s soft white fur stood on end. His tail was tucked firmly between his two hind legs.

Aris cringed in sheer annoyance. “No, Sharu, I shan’t! I’m not the same anymore...“ she started walking up to the cliff again. She was smiling even more the second time.

The wolf backed up, shaking with heavy unbearable feelings. Tears streamed from his beady black eyes onto the blades of grass below. He looked at Aris one last time with a solemn expression. “What ever happened to letting bygones be bygones?...” The wolf vanished into the dark shadows of the forest.

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