All I Feel Is Hollow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is about losing someone you love and feeling alone you always seem to ask why? when your heart broken

Submitted: February 03, 2007

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Submitted: February 03, 2007



Some mornings, I wake up with these strange and ugly feelings,

I shake my head; blink my eyes, trying to look at what there seeing,

I just can't seem to focus on anything with all this inner doubt.

Why the hell am here today, and what's this life really about?

With each passing day, my emotions are drained,

All I feel is hollow.

But deep in my soul I know something is wrong,

Has it been this way all along?

We start the day, parading around seeming like we're strong,

As we walk around and act as if we belong.

I walk on by; I smile politely at everyone I meet,

I give compliments and I nod my head, just to agree,

But I really have no clue on what else to do,

I'm just trying to avoid any more comments about you.

Why do we have to live this masquerade, every time we go out?

Why can't we just be ourselves without fear and doubt?

I'm so sick of all the same politeness, day in and day out.

I thought we were all the same, from the inside out.

But all I see are disguises, lies and deceit.

Would life have been different, if we didn't meet?

But now who cares, my hearts gone cold.

Why do we even exist in this habitual world?

Am I the only one that can see?

Just how messed up this world can be?

Just to live, love, hurt and die,

Just to live a great big lie,

What's the purpose of this life?

Is there supposed to be some prize;

The longer you're here the more your wise?

Who cares when in the end all you'll do is die.

I longer care, all I feel is pain and sorrow,

As I sit here all alone, all I feel is hollow.

By: Myleena

© Copyright 2020 Myleena. All rights reserved.

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