This Boy Who Changed My Mind

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This is just summarizing the experience I has this year with this boy and how he changed my mind nd to never judge a person by, well, who they are.

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012




Theres this boy at my school. 
I didnt think much of him because well, hes an idiot, and hes super popular so ive never talked to him before and most girls are intimidated by him because he has this cocky smooth-talking thing going on. I used to think this boy would never like me or be interested so I never even thought twice about it. But then fate had to fuck things up by giving up lasts names that have the same first letter, so I sat beside him in Math and English. At the beginning of the semester I didnt want to sit beside him because he was so annoying, and i repeat annoying. I couldnt stand the kid. He never stopped talking and stealing my pencils cause he never brought anything but his text book to class and by the first two weeks he has lost all except for one of my pencils, so i told him he needs to start bringing his own pencil to class and want to guess what he said? Oh you'll never guess, it took me completely by surprise  and i was in shock. So this boy said with a cheeky grin on his face"I prefer to use your pencils" and winked. Like wtf! And then he just turned around and started talking to his friends again. That was like the only thing besides "can i borrow your pencil?" that hes said to me in the first two weeks of the semester. After that he went back to being his too-cool-to-care self again. And even though I said what I said about him, hes fucking hot. His hair is like the perfect kind of messy and his hazel eyes i could stare into forever.Then a couple weeks later this boy's best friend (lets just call him "dumbass") decides to tell me this boy likes me. Huh? Come again? Even with what this boy said about how he prefers my pencils I never really cared because I knew a guy like this boy would never like me more than in a science partner kind of way. By the end of the semester of awkwardly sitting next to this boy knowing what dumbass said about him liking me, I was so excited to be on summer vacation and be away from all of this shit with this boy. Think again! It was the day of the final exam and this boy sits down next to me and says "did you study?" and i replied "sure, if you call opening my text book than closing it studying then yes. Did you?" and he lauhs and then says "nope, oh and that reminds me...." and I whispered angerly "I'm not letting you cheat off me!" and hes said "Thanks for the offer, but thats not what I wanted" then i was like "then what is it?" and he said "can I borrow your pencil?" and I honestly only have one so I told him no and he says to me "please Felicia, you wont regret it" and as I hand him the pencil i say "regreting it already". I'm trying to write my final exam and all I could think about is that he said my name, I never even knew that he knew it. So after the exam he actually gives me the pencil back. Thats never happend before. I just stuff it in my bag and he smiles and walks away. So when i got home i unpacked my bag and well I couldnt believe what i found... a pencil, not just an ordinary pencil. There was a letter taped to it. Now I know what he did during the exam. So i pulled and untaped the letter and there was a letter that was writtin with really poor writting but it wrote
I apologise for never returning your pencils, the truth is, I thought the only way to talk to you was to ask your for a pencil. And then that became my daily rutine, talking to you was like a morning coffee, cant start my day without it. I know I just compared you to coffee, guess I should of payed more attention in English. I admit, i didnt ask to sign your year book because i'm kind of a coward in front of my friends, they would never understand how much I like your wavy hair and how your eyes remind me of the pacific ocean when the sun hits it, but I wish we could of talked more. Next year ill try not to be as shy towards you like I was. I hope you have a fantastic summer, wish we could hangout but ill probly be to nervous to talk to you the whole summer. See you next year
-******* *******(this boy)

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