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Story of a small town with a big surprise coming

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




Rounding the corner near the cafe downtown the rays of light that have managed to break through the clouds alight on her face warming her skin. Winter is in it's last weeks, or so it is hoped and the warmth is a welcome greeting from the coming spring. A soft breeze blows drawing a few strands of her chestnut brown waves across her eyes. Raising a gloved hand Sadie pulls it back tucking it behind her ear. Lost in her own world, she nearly collides with a lady pushing a stroller. Apologizing profusely, she has to remind herself that there are others on the sidewalk enjoying the break in cold weather today. Seeing that there is an open seat at one of the aged bistro tables stationed outside the doors of the cafe, she smiles at her luck and heads inside to get some coffee. As she stood in line to order her eyes roved over the menu. She saw words like latte', grande and chi and wondered what ever happened to just regular coffee? Where did it go and why was it that Starbucks was a strong enough force to drive the regular cup o' joe underground. Stepping up to the girl behind the counter  Sadie grudgingly orders a half caf latte with cinnamon, cursing herself for feeding into corporate America.

Sitting in the iron bistro chair once painted deep glossy black, not standing testament to the years of use shone in it's chipped corners. In the sliver of sun that is peeking around the corner, she settles in and pulls one of the many books that overflow the shelves of her apartment. This time she chose the latest supernatural romance. Reading has always been a favorite past time, bringing escape among other things. Settling in with the characters that she had yet to meet, Sadie readied herself for a great adventure. Cars passing by posed a distraction in reading, but stubbornness and the need to feel the sun on her skin kept her in place.

Just as the young heroine in the story was beginning to get interesting Sadie noticed something in her peripherals that caught her attention. Not usually one to pay attention to such things, it was unusual that she should notice this particular car. The car itself seemed out of place. In a town of pick up trucks, mini vans and four door sedans, this small and sleek two door sports car was not exactly inconspicuous. But it was not the car so much as the driver that kept her rapt to the vehicle. He was not someone she had ever seen before. She had a feeling that he was not from Ashton, New Hampshire, the small town that she called home. Ashton was one of those places that is small enough that everyone knows everyone and word of new people traveled fast. He opened the door to the car, and stepped out onto the street. She couldn't take her eyes off him, much as she tried. Even knowing that she must have been obvious in her attention she was unable to pull her eyes away. 
He was tall, though not unusually tall. Just tall in a way that makes the average person to take notice. Dark hair framed his longish face, brushing against the sharpness of his cheekbones and jaw line. To some he might have looked severe, but to her he was the picture of masculinity. Letting her eyes rove over his body. His well muscled chest was covered by a black cotton shirt that was tucked into his designer jeans showing off the V-shape of his waist. Just as she was finishing with her assessment of his assets she took one last look at his face only to notice with a start that he was looking back at her smiling a sly, knowing smile. Embarrassment colored her cheeks a deep blushing red and she quickly looked back at her book wishing that there were a deep hole to climb into nearby. She could feel him smiling at her still happy that he was able to get a reaction out of her. She decided to turn herself so that she was facing the window of the cafe, allowing her to take another glance without his knowing. Something about him begged to be noticed. When she was sure that she was able to look without being noticed she dared one last glance. To her sheer shock he was no longer by the car, but walking across the street in her direction. Panic sped up her heart to the point that she was sure that it could be heard by the other patrons of the cafe. There was no way that he could be coming to talk to her, she was typical of this town. Pretty but not gorgeous. She had never even touched designer clothes let alone worn them. She had a job at the local restaurant as a chef, which was considered one of the more glamorous jobs in town, but she never felt glamorous in any respect. Just plain, average Sadie Marie Dunkan. 
He was closer now, about to step up onto the curb, she turned to take a sip of her latte sure that he was simply going inside the cafe to get a cup of some fancy steaming beverage. Just then he smiled at her and winked. Not in a creepy "Hey baby wanna go somewhere and lay in the back of my truck" kind of way, but in a way that made her heart beat even faster than before. He was stunning. At this distance she was able to see that his eyes were a vibrant green framed by long eyelashes. Eyes that held a mystery in them, she found herself becoming too interested and knew that she must be making a fool of herself so she quickly reeled herself in and went back to her book. Reading  was next to impossible knowing that "He" was inside. Not sure what was drawing her in, she stole another glance in his direction. He was simply beautiful. Perfect as far as she could tell. It looked as if the girl behind the counter was a bit taken by his presence as well. Nervous giggles could be seen through the window, as the young girl's cheeks blushed. He however didn’t seem to notice the reactions of the females around him at that particular moment. Suddenly, he turned to look at Sadie again. Was her gaze warming a spot on his back? Could he feel her eyes scanning over the curve of his backside and down the length of his legs? This was the second time he caught her staring at him, surely he would think she was some sort of crazy person without the ability to control herself.  Sadie was drawn in to him, she was unable to pull her eyes free from his gaze. A smile graced his face again, reaching his eyes as it had before. Full satisfaction shown in that smile.

Sadie decided that she was going to play it off as if she were merely curious about the new person in town, and gave him a curt smile before turning back to her book, trying to seem nonplussed. She could tell his order was completed and that he was headed toward the door again, but she refused to look up from her book. A monumental act of willpower on her part. As the door opened the bell above it tinkling she heard him make a sound something like a quick exhalation of breath. The next thing that she heard both infuriated her and aroused her deep inside.

"That's a great book but the girl dies in the end." He said simply




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