Creation of My Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Creator discovers a lonely man and grants him the greatest blessing of all....

Submitted: May 26, 2016

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Submitted: May 26, 2016



One day the creator went to walk

Amongst his creations to have as talk

"The trees and flowers thrive in my power

While the animals dance and play hour by hour"

As a sparrow landed upon his shoulder

He saw a man sitting upon a boulder

With a look of sadness and loneliness on his expression

Confused the Creator sent the sparrow to ask a question

"Good Sir, May I ask why you are so down?"

"Simply put friend sparrow I am alone," he said with a frown

"Everyone in my village has someone to love

Yet I have no one, I wish I could ask of the Creator above

For a woman of my own to love"

"And what would you seek in said woman?", as the Creator went to task

"She would be sweet and kind

She will know her own mind

Hair as red as fire

With eyes so dark you never know her hearts true desire

Whether she is big or small, it matters not at all

For it is her loving heart that truly matters."

This is but all I ask

A noise arose from the animals as they began to chatter

The mists began to shift as a form began to take flight

Out of the woods and into sight

Moving with desire and grace

As a smile formed upon his face

"I give her to you to be happy.  Her name is Beth"

"Beth", he says as he takes her hand

"She is the greatest gift in all the land"

And with that first kiss

They lived their lives in eternal bliss


© Copyright 2020 MyLoveAndI. All rights reserved.

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