Haiti Needs Our Help!

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A article I made for my school project, this specific subject really does mean something to me. Haiti needs help, not just acknowledgement Real establishing help!
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Submitted: April 19, 2010

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Submitted: April 19, 2010



Poverty Stricken

Due to the ineffective uses of its money, Haiti does not have enough to rebuild their own nation.

Haiti is a Caribbean country west of the Dominican Republic with a population of approximately 9 million people, 80% of which live under the poverty line. Half do not have access to clean water and about two thirds are unemployed. Their main resource for income is agriculture, which is not as stable as other countries, because of the nation's unpredictable climate, which is subject to extreme natural disasters such as landslides, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. These conditions that seem horrific to us now were present before the earthquake that hit on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 and killed almost 230,000 people. The magnitude of this earthquake was 7.0 and was followed by 52 aftershocks with magnitudes of 4.5 and higher, and on top of all that, it was hit by a tsunami two weeks prior to the earthquake. The country is currently in a state of complete devastation and destruction. That is why all the help that is possible is needed to help out a country that cannot help themselves.

Due to their economic state before the earthquake, Haiti is unable to pull themselves out from the devastation that the earthquake caused. Facing the effects of a poverty stricken country, on top of the new disasters and tragedy that the natural disasters caused, was too much to handle for the average individual. Most lost the little shelter they may have had, and the food and water they greatly needed. This is where international aid is crucial in the assistance of a nation in need, to reestablish the country and create stability in the midst of chaos. Not only is aid needed from governments who are able to contribute, but individuals around the world who believe in helping those less fortunate. Other governments and organizations also need to step in when it comes to donations to make sure that it is going to where it is intended. This is another reason why Haiti is unable to fix their own issues when it comes to their tragedy. The Haitian government is one of the most corrupt in the entire world, and due to the ineffective uses of its money, does not have enough to rebuild their own nation. The United States government has stepped in and donated almost $317 million dollars, with less than one cent per dollar going directly to the Haitian government. The Americans can be very caring and generous people, but they need accountability for their money when it comes to charity. Although some believe that many of the organizations claiming to help the people of Haiti is not using the money as promised, most are just trying to help the nation in need.

With all of the assistance that Haiti has received since the earthquake, it is obvious that it is not enough. Not only must the nation be brought back to normal from such a devastation, but they must also be prepared to handle another one of its many natural disasters. The nation can only receive so much help from other governments, and it is up to the people that have more, to share their wealth. Canadians compared to the Haitians, live like kings, and although most will not give up any money in the assistance of Haiti, those who do are giving very little, yet helping immensely.

On top of all the moral reasons of why Haiti needs our love and help, we must also consider how easy it is to give. This is mainly because of all the media coverage surrounding Haiti. Just by sending a text, we are able to give $10 to the Haiti Relief Fund. And although to us, $10 is one lunch or a coffee or two, to Haiti, it is a lifeline and with enough support and money given, we can not only return Haiti to its original state, but also make it much better than it was before the earthquake.


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