The Pact

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A conversation I can't bring myself to have.

Submitted: June 12, 2015

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Submitted: June 12, 2015



She laid her head on his chest and said, “Let’s make a pact.” The grass beneath them was cool and dry, and they were covered in the kind of sunlight only around on special days in spring. “Let’s make a pact that we will be old together. We won’t grow old together because we have too much life to live, and we can’t always go the same direction. But we can be old together. When we are in our seventies, we are retired and old and done living and done experiencing, then we will meet up, even if it’s only once for coffee. And you will tell me about everything you have done, all the people you met, all the things you did, what you laughed and cried and grieved over. You will tell me about the women you loved, and the children you raised, and the mistakes you made. And I will tell you about everything I accomplished, and everything I didn’t. And you will hear all about the people I hurt, and the ones who hurt me, and the people who I lost and the ones who lost me. And we will sit and talk about love and loss and fear and joy. And it might take only a minute, because we will be able to see and hear everything in those first few moments of small talk, or it might take a year, because no matter how much we say there will never be enough words to describe a human life. And we will talk about us, as we are right now, in love and so very young, because this was the first time we felt love, and together will be the first time we feel the full effects of loss. And we will feel all the old pains again, and be there to relive each other’s.  And we will laugh through every moment of joy, and remember what it was like to be young and together.

“And I can tell you now how I will feel about you sixty years in the future. I will still see everything I see now, all the hopes and dreams and curiosity. But there will be things I won’t remember. I will look at the old man who used to be young, and see all the beauty that never left, because there is something special about you. And you are beautiful. You are beautiful from your toes to the hair on your head and to your heart. And that kind of beauty will never leave a person.”

She pulled away in order to look into his eyes, “Promise me that we will be old together, if only once, so that I can see how beautiful you are one last time before I die. Because no matter who I love later, you will always be the first person to take my breath away.”

He pulled her too him once more, and kissed her simply on the forehead. “I promise,” he said,” I promise we will be old together, if only once.” 

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