Drugs and Death

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Damn Stupid Drug mules...

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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Submitted: April 06, 2011



Despite the many useless protests and the demonstrations, the three convicted Filipino drug mule was executed yesterday. I understand the grief and the anger the family went through. It is only natural. I understand the emotions but the rest of the bruhahah… I can not.

Militant groups that are taking advantage of the crisis blame the government. They blame the president, they blame the DFA, they blame the clouds...these organizations purpose in life is to blame the government!

Blaming the government is not only unfair, it is also insane because these drug couriers broke many of our very own laws, and, also, the government did not make them do what they did. In the name of Odin, these people are old enough to know what is right from wrong, what is good from bad and what is being stupid from being wise. They brought illegal drugs to China, and the amount of drugs they brought in was way beyond the limit deserving death penalty. In reality, they should have been executed several times over! Our government has spent too much resources on these criminals while there are innocent OFW's who are languishing in jails in the middle east and other countries .These OFWs deserve the allocation of our country's meager overseas workers fund much, much more than these drug mules.

It’s unintelligent to think that they are the victims here. They, too, have victimized a lot of people. Drug addiction is a curse. It destroys families. People who engage in the drug business directly or indirectly do more damage than serial killers. Drug addiction creates zombies, rapists, serial killers and congressmen. These Filipino mules contributed a lot to the drug problem of the Chinese. The Chinese, like us, is fighting a losing war against drug addiction. Their law maybe harsh to us, but it only shows how serious they take the drug problem. Unlike us. These drug mules were lucky the Chinese became communist because in ancient times the Chinese torture criminals through "death by the thousand cuts." The object is to keep the victim alive while his/her body is being mutilated little by little till nothing is left but bones. Boy...

We have no right to question the Chinese; we should not expect the Chinese to give special treatment to the Filipinos drug mules because of their circumstances in life. Why would they do that? Do they execute Filipinos only? Are they executing innocent people? Are they executing the drug mules because they are poor? If one really thinks about it, the family of the executed drug couriers should apologize to the Chinese for the way their relatives have disrespected and violated Chinese laws! Man, the country should apologize because we even have a congressman in jail in China because of drugs.

Harsh, but, anyway, these drug mules have fed their children and their relatives with poisoned money… Languishing in jails and on death row, how they wished they were in their provinces happily planting camotes while enjoying the simple things in life. Money earned the wrong way brings only grief...look at what happened to the unangelic Angelo Reyes and what is happening to the other generals. The money they stole is now haunting them. They could not even find peace! Anyway...I'm getting maaaddd.. sooo maaaadd..

How can these drug couriers say they did not know anything? They were trained to swallow drugs. They received cash. They were paid. They were briefed on the modus operandi. They got allowances and hotel accommodations. They knew that they were dealing with syndicates. And the most damning thing about this was that some of them did the job over and over again until they were caught. Poverty is not an excuse. If every Filipino breaks the law in the name of poverty, there would be anarchy. Since when did poverty become a license to commit crime? Poverty…bahhhh. There are two ways to beat poverty: honest work and education. Doing crime does not cure poverty; it aggravates it. The sad thing is that some people only think they are poor.

We should be thankful to the Chinese, if you ask me, because they have been accommodating to the unreasonable demands of the emotional Filipinos. And also, with number of Filipino drug couriers in their jails including a congressman, we should be thankful that the Chinese have not nuked us yet.

There are 70 or more drug mules on death penalty in China.... I expect the number to rise becuase some Filipinos are simply incapable of learning...

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