Finally, I'm Your's..

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After waiting for so lonngg.. Finally I said YES!

Submitted: March 30, 2011

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Submitted: March 30, 2011




Thank you for everything, for the love, care, patience and understanding. You are one of those rare blessings that God has given me. You've showed me so much love, and you never failed to show me how much you value me. It's something that none of my suitors have done for me.Thank you so much for all those times that all you do is to love and understand me. And to make me feel that you are always there for me no matter what. Thank you for holding my hands, and I hope you'd hold them forever. I am sorry for all those times when all I do is to push you away. I am so proud that you never gave up on me, something that made me feel so special. I have been through deep confusion lately but now I think I already know what I want and what I really feel.

You give me feelings that feels like presents almost too beautiful to open. Among the presents you've given me, one of the most wonderful of all is the joy of being so close to you. Thank you for loving me enough to share all that you are... with all that you have... and with all that I hope to be.. Thank you for giving me all the world to be sure of what I feel. You give me time and understanding that no one has given me. you give me more of you than I ever knew anyone could give.

On the last letter that you gave me, you've mentioned that you are looking towards the rising sun. What you didn't know that in the time we have been together, holding each others hands in places you have already made our sun rise on so many mornings. -- And I wish you'd make my stars come out at night too...You've surprised me with those beautiful roses. You've put so much believe in what we have. If there will comes a time when you look at me and see my eyes filled with smiles I wish you'd know that you've put them all on.

I'm not sure when I first fell in love with you. I guess it could have been on our first date, first holding hands, first kiss or it could have been just yesterday. I really do not know, I just woke up one morning and realized that I liked you too. I'm not really sure, I just remember thinking of you more an more and getting less and less in process. I even remember wanting you to stay a little bit longer everytime you're taking me home and being thrilled at the thought.

You and I took special chance the first time we held each others hands. We both knew enough about love and life to understand that two people doesn't fall in love so easily. And I wanna thank you for giving me enough time to realized that "I've already fallen in love with you." As time goes by, we're getting to know each other better, share more things and discovers a lot of things about one another. Be my strength and I will do the same for you. Like a mirror, I will reflect the love you so freely give.

I know you care, I can see that in your eyes. I know you love me because you do nothing but to show me and to let me feel it. You must know that as of the moment it is hard to express all the tender emotion I feel in my heart for you. But I assure you, it is there every night and everyday..

I pray that in the days, weeks, months or if lucky enough years to come we could still see the same person growing better for one another. By helping me let go of my all the fears and doubt about love, you enabled me to feel closer to you. Now I'm feeling the emotions that once I am afraid of, emotion I was afraid to feel for a very longg time - - the feeling of falling in love again.

For you and for us I will no longer run away from love. I no longer want to live alone inside myself. I want to live within you, to respond to your love and to grow from your response to me. I never want to shut you down again because right now you are all that I wanted to have... And YES! I love you too..

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