Somewhat Normal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story is a usual idea that people have faced for years, what happens when we sleep?

Submitted: January 20, 2015

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Submitted: January 20, 2015



"Go to sleep," Mother said as she started to leave my room. "Morning will be a few hours away, all you have to do is close your eyes." She shut the door and left me to the darkness. And in this emptyness that surrounds me, I started to feel a sinking sensation, one that I wasn't quite alone. I brought my eyes open and sat up. I heard nothing in the room, but I didn't want to take any chances. This has been the 3rd week of this feeling, and I didn't want anything to happen during the night.

I leaned over to the night stand and grab hold of the switch and turned the lamp on. As light fills the room I notice that nothing has changed. The door to my closet is closed, the window is shut and the drapes are drawn closed, the door to my room is...slightly ajar. I shift positions in my bed, I knew two ways to get out of this situation. One was to hide under my blankets and waited until I fell asleep, or the other which was to face the door and close it. I chose the lesser of two evils and got up and went to shut the door. As soon as I got to the door to shut it, someone on the other side closed it abruptly.

"They were watching me sleep?!" I exclaimed as I backed up into this creature. It looked like my mother, only it had grotesque features. Her face was in a melting mode and she was hunched over, her fingernails we sharpened to a unmeasurable degree. I was terrified! I started the back away and the thing rushed towards me and dug its claws deep inside my chest. It tore out my beating heart and showed it to me. I was seconds away from death when it looked at me and said, "get up..."

I opened my eyes and my mother was shaking me in my bed. Apparently I was having night terrors again, and my mother decided I should get up. So I stood up and was greeted by my little terrier, Maxwell. I left my room and found my brother in the hall playing with his action figure. Everything seemed normal today, nothing from my dream has comed true. Which is strange because for the past three weeks...I was in the bathroom when I heard my dog start growling, then a yelp. I said his name, but when there was no scratching at the door, tempted, I opened the door and the creature form of my brother lept in and did exactly what my mother creature did in my dream. It ripped me open and told me to get up.

I woke up in bed this morning...everything seems normal. But everytime I get up the deaths get progressively worse. As I get up each day the world still seems somewhat normal. I got up out of bed and wondered when I will ever wake up...

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