Journey to the Land of Onions

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A challenge I had to do for Pocorox.

Submitted: July 21, 2008

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Submitted: July 21, 2008



The Journey To the Land of Onions

I ate onions everyday, for Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch. For some odd reason I just seemed to love onions. I knew it was bad to eat the same food everyday, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I didn't care.

Then one day, I fell asleep and had a dream that I visited the Legendary Onion Land. It was wonderful for me. "I can't wait to eat all the onions I want after finding them." I thought.
So after searching, I found the Onion King.
"What are you doing here, young girl?" He asked.
"Are you the onion king?" I asked.
"I wont answer until you explain yourself." He demanded.
He was getting angry from the girl. So he decided he'd make it so the onions irritated her eyes.

Sarah knew what the Onion King was trying to do.
"That wont work on me!" Sarah shouted. Onions never irritated Sarah's eyes, thats one of the reason she enjoyed them more then most people.

Soon the Onion King gave up.
"Alright, I really am the Onion King, but you really should tell me what your doing here." He answered.
"My name is Sarah, I am 15 years old and am searching for onions to eat." I answered.
"So shes just here to my onions?" The Onion King furiously thought to himself.

After talking for a little while the Onion King asked
"I can see that you really like Onions, right?"
"Yes and I really want to eat them." I said excitedly.
"Well I can give you them, but first, catch me if you can!' The Onion King said and ran far away.

I didnt feel like running after him. After all, I was tired after walking and searching for onions. Then she remembered, "This is just a dream, I can wake up whenever I want to."

So I quickly ran towards a wall and hit myself hard, but I succesfully woke up.

I never at onions after that. :(

The End =D

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