Angel in Disguised

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Hi I’m Angeline; I will tell you a story. It is about a boy I’ve met. He became part of my short life if that is the right term, I guess! Anyways read this or if not. Then maybe you might be just as like him, as simple as no interest at all for everything. This is how the story goes...

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012



Angel in Disguised

“Angeline and a boy with no interest at all”

“Hi I’m Angeline; I will tell you a story. It is about a boy I’ve met. He became part of my short life if that is the right term, I guess! Anyways read this or if not. Then maybe you might be just as like him, as simple as no interest at all for everything. This is how the story goes…”

His name is Jherrime, every day of his life is as always the same I just think like some of us. He does everything as he want without any interest..

“Have you tried to do that, doing things without having an interest on it? Maybe the great examples would be like, hmmm… Going to work, forced to wake up early; doing your homework but your mind flies somewhere else; at the office your boss will gave you a tans of files to work on… on my opinion maybe those are things that you could says working without an interests but to jherrime’s place, He acts but not showing any excitement, and happiness, he does things to make it just happens, with only one expression or no expression at all. What do you think? Me, I don’t know what to think.

Jerry has a faired skin and has wide dark brown eyes. Physically fit and has perfect height for our age today six and a half footer. He is known amongst the students in their school especialy to the girls because he got this natural charm. Not only that, he is popular to do pranks to other students but not as like a bully that’s makes a students annoyed or irritated.

He wakes up int the morning, rub his eyes and sit for a while but think nothing. He stands up and does some streching then he will go to the bath room to wash his face and brush his teeth. He does it as everyone else or some normally. Now he is done but still thinks nothing. From his room he will go down to the kitchen and look something to eat from the fridge. Luckily there is something to dash out from it. A glass of milk and a cut piece of mocha cake. He is not particular on having favorite but he hates one thing and that is strawberry. You know I like chocolate cakes, some others do like chocolate right? But him as long as it is an edible cake its fine to him he ignores what flavor it is.

I will tell you our story on how we meet. I was a transferee on his college school. Starts of class we are already classmates. I think two to tree subjects to know him only by face. My days became miserable because of him. Unfortunately he chooses me to do one of his pranks with his friend as well. Kinds of doing trip I’ve got from him. One day he put a paper at my back unnoticeably something written on it. “I’m getting crazy please wake me up…Pinch me please it is free.” Since I’am a newbie, most of the girls does pinch me suprisingly but the guys ignored it. But it doesn’t hurt truly. They are nice… I look at him and felt strange. Because of that I have time to make some friends with those two students shortly that became closed to me. Hmmm…One time after our P.E class I needed to change my shoes and found it is not already pairs but I must wear different shoe with out no choice. Students asked me over and over again why I’am wearing defferent shoe, and told them the reason over and over again too, I could say have use a recorder to make then listen to it.. Really that day was so exausting. One more thing that I can’t forget I’am in a cafeteria alone, sitting on a table and drinking an ice tea, I was reading a book then suddenly I saw people around giggling while looking at me. I saw Jherrime’s friends with him on a table at the corner near the door like others giggling and looking at me to. I don’t know what is up to their but I felt humiliation on something I don’t know. They all just looking at me and giggling. I was force myself to go out of that cafeteria while covering my face, all of their attention on me. I don’t know what is happening that time. I sat on a bleacher thinking hard on whats going on and suddenly he came following me, quietly he sat beside me.I was stunned first then waited on what he is going to do or say. But he wispered this words. “I like you”. . I laugh then asked him if this is one of his trips, as I also look around left and right if his friends are watching. But I notice that Jherrime’s face was dead serious. It’s like wind blows on different direction, it seems that earth’s counterly clockwise moved on its axist. But what are giggling and looking at me all about? I asked myself. But I already knew the answer after, they are tripping again now but his last tripping on me. And then my miserable days are over.

After a month we are together starting that day when he told that, weird but I admit, I can’t explain how I feel I don’t know what is happening to me I had like him too. I really hope that he is in the most cincerity of his nerves when he confessed to me. Because nobody would able to predict his thoughts no one even me. He is a boy with no interest I recalled. I want to be a sweet girlfriend to him and told him we will called each other “my love” but he never did, I called him “my love” but later on felt stupid and called him his name and now it is really okay. I don’t know how I’ve been so longed beside him for more than eight months. Jherrime makes my head aches, makes me irritated most of the time, sometimes a boy who listened but without an interest. We are always together and maybe I’m montrous content bieng with him…maybe and one thing for sure, I do love him with all my heart even there is a moment that he left me just to be with his friends.

Jherrime told me things like he doesn’t believe in Angels, that matters makes me sad because I believed on them, since I was a child I know angels are real. They exists like the movie “City of Angels” we need to feel them, they are always around and beside us.

I asked him why always making fun to others. He said there is nothing else to do. I observed that he laughs more than smile. But I have not seen him cry not even once. One time I remember I told him this when we have a fight. “You always making fun to others and you laugh on them. You don’t even care how other will feel can’t you see it… why don’t you do good things to other and make them smile before you or because of you.” He just nod to me I’am really not sure if he is listening .I don’t expect allot from him.

He also said to me once that he needs someone that will and can follow him all the time. “In what?... for good sake!” I said that to myself… but I realized I’am doing it.

Jherrime shared to me something about the word “story”. He said that any story what ever kind of story it has no ending untill the main character is dead.Really? I laughed about it, how about the story that’s end in “they lived happily ever after?” no one dies but it has a greatest ending a story I ever know. I disagreed with him but also that he has a point there I respect his opinion. But all story what ever story it is it has no end. It just stopped because of the breath taking final period. It ended because the author wants to give satisfaction point to be left as an ending among their beloved and loyal readers. That is Jherrime’s point and I clearly understand it. Just like people’s life after death still has their own story and it is way to long one after another period, no ending it is infinite and magnificient.

At school, everytime he has to play a basketball game. I’m always been there for him cheering over the bleacher. He is always my MVP no matter what the game result. And I can proudly say that he is a great basketball player on their team.

There was a time he was in a fight. From outside the school with those boys who really started it. And because of it he obtained his bruises. Unluckily they all were caught by the school guards because they stupidly fought near the school gate. The other party belongs to our school as well but in a higher year level. All of them were called to the dean office and serves punishment from having a fight. At that moment I was also there outside the office waiting for him. My head do aches because of what trouble he got hiself into. I waited there for almost four hours so worried. As a punishment they need to complete their 100 hours community service for two months together. As the day that the community service days started, I always saw him with his friends sweeping the streets inside the school or sometimes outside the school. He succeeded to finished it and good thing about it all of them became friends. And after two months everything became lighter and settled.

If there is no school we walk to the park together were the times when some youngster will not go there. Few people sometimes so we felt that we own the spacious lot with a basketball court… I let him practice more basketball, and he let me sat on the bleacher with my head phone on while eating ice cream… pika foods… junkfoods and watching him. I played also basketball with him seldom had shot inside the ring. Basketball is really a tiring sport indeed. Both of us are really content … I’m happy… and he as well being just that.

There came a time he tried to drive his father’s car. He called me to go to their house and I have no idea what is up to him. I got there and found him in his neat dress a polo white shirt and a fancy checkered short. He was also holding the car’s key. I asked him what he is thinking. He just told me he wants to drive the car that’s all. But I remember he told me he does not want to be a driver not even thinking to get his own driver’s license. He rides on the driver’s seat I felt that my blood goes up instantly in my head. I told Jherrime he was loosing his mind. And what he told me was he already loosed his mind since the day he was born. Oh how my poor Jherrime feel that way, I want to stop him. But he forced me to ride on the car. I realized I was dragged to be like crazy as him. Jherrime turn the key on and the car’s engine is on then drove along. If only I can leave my heart at their house I have done it for sure. Now we are at the highway when the wheels flatten then the car’s machine was broken I don’t know but it does not starts again. The car has an extra wheels but he doesn’t know how to put it on unfortunately Jherrime broke it. From outside the car we were both standing and stairing at each other. Now what? But still I’am very thankful that we were not harm. Jherrime called his father. Then less than an hour his father is there to the rescue with the tawing car too, his face was to serious and we both can’t look at him straight. We went home bieng tawed no one is allowed to talk and I don’t speak to him as well, he knows when I’am mad. At home the next thing happen was Jherrime is suspended for months.

He does things just the way he thinks it should be done. There is a time my Jherrime is quite, a time he doesn’t even care a thing like being an emos do… very emotional and no iterest at all at everything I offer to him. Not bad but not good either… but I don’t fret at all, I got used to it because that is what Jherrime is. My Jherrime, whom I accepted and love and became part of my shorted life, me and him are okay just bieng together, holding hands, eating together, and sweetly kissing.

But those days were together in trouble and fun times are over this moment. I mark everything happened between us as a memories. Ask why? Because now I’am in the deep sleep. I was comatosed due to the car accident I have been through. Sadly but true, how… how I wonder a boy like him with no interest at all at things will turn out to be without me. I want to know.

I ‘am in deep sleep… maybe I won’t wake up anymore. I’am not afraid to die but I’am scared to leave him as well as my family, to be gone on their side especially him, my Jherrime. Can I entrust him to you?, or to anyone else? Can I really do that? I’m so helpless my ghostly heart is exploding what should I do?

I’ve been to an accident a car crashed. I remember I was in a taxi cab and in some intersection we were hit by a monsterous truck. I’am glad that the taxi driver survives and unluckily but lived with a devasted ribs. His family are so happy especially his children. I’am so happy, but what about me? I don’t know, I was half dead after and still now. I’am a lost soul right now and weakly can’t go back to my own body. No matter what I do, I can’t go back and I guess I have to let it go… right? What do you think? Now back to him, as I now can see him very much clearly in different angles as I want to look at him from up here and there, everywhere. I can say I don’t have any senses and sad to say no chance my body does not respond. I’m just staring now on my poor body. I can see myself, I’am sleeping and then im looking at him. He is at my room at the hospital. Jherrime is in silenced. I keep on waiting as my body lay comatosed on the bed and we are alone. Then suddenly he moved, lean to reach my hand and hold it carefully. I’m watching him. A boy with no interest at all now for the first time crying because of me, cries only for me and for no one else. Suprisingly I felt my ghostly heart beating irrational and so loud. I touch my chest with my palm I really felt and heard it, I’am sitting beside the bed in front of me and him. The alarm sounds voilently around the room. And the doctor and nurse came in rushing trough the room. He stands up out of his mind and with confusion. They are doing their job on me. I saw my lifeline on the small monitor breaking as I can see. Everything seems to me like in a slow motion. My Jherrime is now petrified to where he is standing. I can here him now praying to God for me not to leave I can hear it loud and clear. The nurses put him out from the room. After a moment I think my lines are back that time, by taking an electric shock wave from the doctor who is proceeding to save me. My ghost body felt the ground of that so it saves me. I was revived. My lifeline is back and returning to normal as said to the hospital vital signs reader.

Morning came my family are there with ofcourse my Jherrime. They are all around me. Untill he was let to stay alone with me. Now he sat more closely to me on my bed and said. “If only I can take your place… I have done it a hundred times, I’m lost without you and don’t know what lies ahead, the only thing I know is started when you came in to my life things change like my times became brighter whenever I’m with you. I Love you so much please be strong my love Angeline” helplessly for the second time I saw tears flow down in his face. He called me “my love” for the first time, I almost jump on my own ghostly feet. I want to embrace him; I wish to go back in my body to be able to wipe away those tears I see falling on his chicks. But too late, it is impossible. I feel like dying, he saw tears run down from my closed eyes. It is me yes I cry unconciously. He wipes my tears away, he lean on the side of the bed still holding my hand gently. “I will hold this so I will not lose you” he said again and again till fading words I can hear, then slept.

The nurse came in and saw us sleeping while holding hands. I’am also watching me and him it is like a perfect painting of a love that hopes for the best and waiting for a chance. The nurse smiles to see us like that then he check on my condition. Then after he look at us again and saw that Jherrime’s hand slipped from mine sadly. It is not right I’am hoping the nurse will do something like to put our hands together holds back or wakes my Jherrime up to say it. But the nurse just look down on his wrist watch then, breathe deeply and look at the files from the clip board he is holding then marched towards the door and he went out. Just few minutes the nurse had gone a sudden alarm heared. Jherrime was awaked from that sounds now he hated most. It is my horrific sound of death. The doctor and nurse came in rushing. Again my lifeline is breaking then stop… line appears again… then stops… he was so shock unable to move. The nurse put him out. They are trying to revive my body but it is too late. My world has ended to forever. I died living my pets, friends, family and my Jherrime who I love the most. Jherrime sat from one of the chair pulling his hair and crying, he can’t stand to wait and force to enter the room but now he can’t step his foot inside now just looking at my dead body covered with white blanket blankly crying quitely. My family afterwards came in to the room they are grieving that I already passed. My father and mother are huging and comforting each other. I left them but I want to stay..

The day came when they all have to deliver my body to the deads place at the cementery to have my own tomb which my name will be written and the years I was existed. Crying and shouting around my friends, my parents, cousins, everybody I love, and my Jherrime he is so much pain and sadness almost being drowned by his own tears at that moment, very sorrowful indeed. Now I was being pulled up high from the white glistening light that shine directly into me. My eyes fixed to all of them as I’am slowly pulled up my soul and spirit are now up following the light that calls me dearly. I’am in heaven with place everyone could hope to live from up here I can still see them all especially Jherrime.

After years had pass, yes I’am referring on the world of yours. My family had accepted the fate of living without me anymore and now they are happy. My pets had already their new masters. I wonder if they missed me. My friends they pray everynight and include my name on their list. They are happy now whenever they talk about me, and most of all my Jherrime. He moved on from the pain of letting me go but still sadness touches him whenever he remembered our memories. He had taken a medical course in college and now recently taking up his on-the-job training in their required medical mission and Jerrime chosen to be at the province. I’am so proud and happy for the life he has now. Many years had passed as I always watch him and pray for them and him most. Everything is back to normal though changes without me. My Jherrime found a new love with this good woman. And later own had his two healthy sons, and also now taking his doctorate finally. Once He was at a roof top and I heard he says these words for me. While I’m looking up at the bright clear sky smiling “I will grow old Angeline, my hair will turn all white but you without at my side… my love for you will always be forever. Thank you for everything you thought me without noticing you did it, I know that you are always watching me and because of you I believed in angels. Because you are my gaurdian angel now and I do believed since the day I meet you. You already are just an angel in disguised. I love you very much.”

Now he believed in angels, I’am his angel which is true. My heartbeat stops long time ago after I died. Then now I realized that love have nothing to do with our heartbeat, it only indicates that we are in the state of special love, It beats because for only one reason, and that is to make us breathe, for us to live in this humble full of unexpected things, the world of our. But love… love is everywhere and it stays forever with hopes and dreams, like the air... we can't see but feel. Goodbye and thank you for listenning I mean reading with me. I ‘am Angeline, who is Jherrime’s gaurdian angel. What about you? You might have been seen your own gaurdian angel just in disguise, open your eyes wide and look around. And I assure you, we are always watching or beside you, from up here caring for you. We will keep you safe and sound as long as you pray and believed in us.

- END -

Jennefher Tuyan Jordan A.K.A Enylian

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