after laughter

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learning about her cheating, he finds a way to deal with it

Submitted: May 24, 2013

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Submitted: May 24, 2013



i sat at my desk drinking my whiskey trying to drown any feelings for her with no intention to proform CPR on them. i wanted them dead buried in my mind hoping to never dig them back up. Each time i had a gulp of whiskey it burned my throat, choking me for a second which lead to a cough. I sat at my desk in the dark using a desk lamp to shine on her picture, she was smiling in the picture which made me more mad. looking at the picture I started to feel like she was laughing at me, laughing at the fact that she was cheating on me and i had no clue. My eyes became red not only from the tears but from all the anger i started to feel toward her and the guy that was trying to take her from me. when i found out about her boy toy it only took me a week to find him. I later lerned his name and became a close friend to him.

we talked about sports and which celebrity we would have a one night stand with. joked about everyday things, i soon learned that he didn't know he was with my girl. I started to laugh in the dark thinking about that moment i found out he was clueless as me at one point. I then hear a song on the radio that i haven't heard in the longest time, once i heard it i had to turn up the volume and sing along with it. The song was called " After Laughter" by wendy rene, the song fit this moment so well i just sat in the dark singing

 once i was about half way done with my fifth, i turn around and looked straight into her eyes. she plead to me, beggging for my forgiveness as i would be doing to god at the gates of heaven. She couldn't make her case clear to me due to the rag i shoved in her mouth, i bet she'd be on her knees too if i hadn't tied to to a chair. I look at her and start to laugh at her, five hours ago she would talk to me as if i was doing wrong just by breathing. Acting all high and mighty and now she cried for her hand s to be untied. i loved how everything could change in seconds becoming something you couldn't change with all the time remaining. 

All three of us were in a dark room having a blast, well i was having a blast. couldn't say much for her boy toy, then again he couldn't say anyting either since 2am. He kept telling me to fight him, that made me laugh. i was smaller then the guy and less build and he thought i would untie him? But before i put a bullet in him i told him "i'm not a fighter... i'm a lover." so i stood in his blood looking into her eyes filling with tears and i said to her  "lets find out if you still have a heart." taking a knife and plunge ut here her heart should be. watching her life leave to a power that is greater than me. moments later i laughed at how i would say something just before i rid the world of their ugly souls. Making my way tothe door i thought to myself " aren't you suppose to burn the weeds that grow in the garden of flowers?" digging in my pocket i feel for my lighter. once i got my lighter i poured gas on them which gave me a little smile knowing what was going to happen next. After i set my house on fire i stood out side the house staying warm till the cops showed up.


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