The Stranger in the Path

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What do you do when you arrive at cross-roads in your life but you find yourself too fragile to surpass the obstacles? Shrink away? Or find means to let the true passion within push you forward?

An inspiring piece about making decisions in life: the confusion an unknown path brings, the fiery passion inside onself wanting to do other things rather than taking a decision, the support one finds and the final decision to follow that 'Path'.

Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



Movement centers my existence

But I was forced to stop, this instance, When I met a dark wild stranger Who baffles me in my anger Of loosing my trace, my pace, my face Burned by the flame ablaze.

The smoke made me choke The words hidden in my throat Poured out from somewhere between my ears With another bonfire of tears. As hot molten lava leaks In confusion the valley It seeks.

Sheltered in the caves in the hill Dropping drops dropped until The lantern reduced to ambers As the moving body remembers How it left the stranger untouched Who now is no longer camouflaged.

And in the water I saw my reflection And seeing the result of my desolation, Decided to take this route in my life, While keeping the spark within alive With only a match to light my way, Followed the stranger…walked away…

Till I arrive where I belong – Home.

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