How is it now you come back

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This is because I had gotten a message from my ex boyfriend saying that he miss me a lot and now he wants to sleep with me and that is not something I do. He only wants to get back with me so he can sleep with me nothing more else.

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



How is it now you come back?


I loved you before anything that had went down between us both.

There was a lot of problems that had wen down and we still forgave each other. 

Yes it would be nice if this time we tok things a little slower before we take it to the next level

I know there was a lot of arguements but I still always had given another chance becuase you found ways to fix the problem


I would love to be with you and all those things we did last year can happen again

But I have to know if I can trust you again not after what had happen last year

I did have strong feelings for you, i had even broke up with my boyfriend for you. 

While you was out there doing your dirty work with other girls.


If I had another chance with you I would take it slow and I would forget everything and everyone

around me.

Let's go back to getting to know each other again.

Let's be friends please and then plan what is going to happen next after.

whether I should go back out with you will be something I will be thinking about it a lot and If we do.....

Then hey we are meant to be and there is nothing that can chnage the feelings I have.


Favor to be that we are meant to be and forever you will stay in my heart

If any one tries to change that then there will a problem and I will have to jump into something that is not going to be pretty.



Just knwo that I love you and will always love you

and if you reading this then enjoy and just keep this in your heart.


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