Memories I won't forget

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This is written to my ex-boyfriend who was abusive to me but there were just somethings that I loved about him and i still missed those things. If we had another chance I think I would take it just because those certain things he did that made me smile. I hope he reads this one day.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



What I miss


I still remember how we met.

My eyes were set,

Just only you.

My heart would beat so fast everytime I saw you,

I couldn't really do anything

But just dream one day will come.


I was glad though, Because we end making my dream come true.

I was to in love with you to even let you go.

There were funny times,

and there were sad times.


After while I think I opened up to much for you,

You took advantage of me which wasn't good.

You started to get to abusive and I was hurt every second.

I was still in love with you.

Instead of me waiting to be with you.........

I was waiting to get away from you.


I still miss you though because of all the time we had together.


Love you and I hope you still love me to.

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