My Letter to the World

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A message about the cruelty of abortion.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



My letter to the world,

Is one not of my own.

I see things that shouldn’t be done,

Things that could make us one.

Now we are falling apart,

Because this is breaking my heart.


Looking at problems now,

Never knowing when or how.

I didn’t think it could happen to me,

Looking back now I see,

Something in life has changed me.


It is the taking of a life,

That is something that is never right.

Killing people isn’t good,

It doesn’t matter if I should,

Seeing people who never would.


I can’t believe this act pursues,

The lives that have been overdue.

People being unable to see,

The grief that they bring.

So let my words flow through your ear,

Like a person sings for you to hear.


We all have a secret that we fear,

Living the days as we near.

The end of this act won’t come with ease,

It just goes by in a breeze.


Imagine if it were you,

You were the one in the womb.

Enclosed in there is your tomb,

Never knowing who or whom.


The killer of you was,

They did it just because.

You can’t bring back,

What you’ve taking away.

You just live day by day,

Giving the life is something that you lack.


I don’t know how you lived,

I just know what you do.

I can’t imagine why you kill,

I just know they have free will,

Can you imagine if it were you.

I don’t think you understand,

The life that has been lost.

It was part a grander plan,

Do you know the cost?

People are crazy sometimes,

But they can change a life.

They can make things right,

By giving their child a life.

Letting them talk to you,

By using their voice to the world,

See what they have to say.

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