Letter For HIm

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Im far from the one i love, so i wrote this for him.

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012



Dear love,

Ive never been good at explaining anything, but right now Im so far from you and every part of me is missing you. To quote an Avril Lavigne song " Everything that I do reminds me of you" Well that phrase could not be any more true, especially right now when all i want is to be in your arms.

We may be young, some may even say we are too young to be so in love, but the way you make me feel is something i have never felt with anyone before. When you are with me, I cant even describe the feeling. Its almost like i never want to leave your side. I love how we can talk about everything and anything, we can be totally honest with eachother. I love the way you smile, and how you pull me close. I love the way i feel when I'm with you. In short I just love you.

I guess i fell in love with you the very first time i saw you, we both were in school uniform headed home from school on a bus. You caught my eye almost straight away. When i got off that bus with nothing but your first name I was so mad at myself. I screamed "why didnt i ask for his number" But you being full of surprises, found me on facebook three days later. We were togetehr less than 24 hours later. We were strangers but some how some way we were meant to be and that is what i truly believe.

"Crazy in love" is the only way i can think to describe you and i, that and "meant to be" We have had so many things almost break us apart but we always end up together. Sometimes its frustrating and exhuasting and I wonder is it worth it? But i dont have to wondedr for long because the answer will always be YES, yes it is worth it.

When im sad and feel like giving up, I think of us. I think of our first kiss on that bench, how it was awkward but felt right. I think of our first embrace in Rebel sport, how i wrapped my arms around your neck and you held me in tight. I think of the first time we made love, how you were gentle and it felt so right. I think of holding you the night you felt sick and just wanting to stay by your side until you were okay. And I think of you coming over mine at late hours because i wasnt feeling well, just to hold me. And when i think of you and i im not sad anymore. I am so thankful you are mine.

Life is like a book, every day is a new page and I want you in my book right until the end. It may sound crazy but it couldnt be more true. You are my forever. You are my hero and world. Please know I miss you and I am thinking of you.

Lots of love, Your Girl. Mwah.

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