No More Second Chances

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We have all had that one person who's just keeps wanting a second chance...well sometimes enough is enough and you got to say its over. I guess thats what this song is about

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012




I use to cry myself to sleep, because I just couldn’t bear

couldn’t bear the thought of being without you,

I had lost my way, I forgot who I was.

Now I’m just beginning, to find myself again.


I’m learning to live without you by my side

but your back at my door again

well your to late, its over now.

I cant look back, you had your chance and now its gone…


Im gone….. im moving on.

 Cant keep playing these old games

 I’m sick of being the mouse you chase.

So its over…it over.


 I spent too many nights, crying over you,

 I spent to many days, wishing you would call me

So now don’t you try, to come back in my life

‘Cause baby I cant let you…

 I can’t let you no, no…………


 I gave you love, I trusted you,

 I stayed by your side, through those long lonely nights

And you left me here to burn.


You knew how much, I needed you,

 You knew much I cared

And still you left me…you left me behind.


 So now your crying at my door

Begging me to let you in,

 And I’m praying to god

 Give me the strength to say no to you….


 My head is screaming

And my heart is breaking

 But I can’t let you in…no, no, no.


 I can’t play, no I can’t play

this cat and mouse game no no no no oh.


 So its over….it’s over…

Don’t call my phone, don’t knock on my door

 please don’t come near me anymore because its over

yeah, yeah, yeah its over….


Don’t knock on my door because its over….I’m not your mouse this ain’t a game

And I’m all out of second chances

So its over...Its over!

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