One Day To Late

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It only takes one time of someone not being there for everything to go wrong

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012




She watches the one she loves over from a distance knowing he wants some space. Her heart breaks as he puts his arms around another girl.  It stabs her like a knife, plunging deep inside of her and twisting slowly. You see the other girl isn’t just any girl it is his ex… and for her to know that he would rather be with her kills. She tries to breathe but its like all the oxygen has disappeared from the earth. She can feel herself getting worse… but she wont let anyone see she would rather suffer in silence then make a scene. She staggers to a corner in a secluded building. The tears overtake her, the air now almost completely gone from her lungs… she takes a gasp in and finally manages some air. She grabs her phone, the screen blurs under the wetness of her eyes, she finds his number and presses call.


He can hear his phone ringing…his heart skips a beat when he see’s the picture of his girlfriend appear on his phone he doesn’t answer straight away but when he does he hears her whisper, her voice enveloped by tears she says “im sorry, I love you”. The line then goes silent, his head is screaming, his ex grabs his arm and he pushes her away. Not meaning to hurt her but right now she isn’t his priority. Everything is telling him to go and find her… hes running through the school searching everywhere… he finds her in a corner of a broken down building she is lying on the floor not moving. Her body appears to be limp and stiff. His heart races faster, he moves over to hear… cradling her head in his arms “baby no baby why…come back baby don’t leave me” he says through tears hes shaking her slightly “don’t go… I love you” but its too late.

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