The Way It Goes...

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We have all lost someone, and we all know the pain. In my case I lost a brother and well this song is kind of a dedication to his memory. I dont know how good it is, as i constructed it from a poem of mine called "Farewell"

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012




Its dark outside and its pouring down with rain,

 I’m looking through some photographs

 of when everything was okay.


But now you’re no longer here,

 and it’s just not the same,

it’s like you disappeared,

 ran off in the night,


maybe you flew away,

maybe your now just another star shining bright.


I had no chance to say goodbye

or even kiss you farewell.

Now its too late and your gone

and I miss you more than an..yy…thing




 I miss the way we wrestled,

and the jokes we use to tell.

I miss your laugh the most

hell Id give anything to hear it again,


oh oh oh oh but that’s just the way it goes,

 another soul taken into the light

another child gone without a sight.

Another family left in despair,

 with nothing left of their child, but a lock of his hair.


Oh oh oh oh yeah…..


Now when I got the news,

I wouldn’t believe it was true,

 I wasn’t ready to say goodbye

to admit that you were gone,


because I still needed you,

I wasn’t sure to be strong...  


but that’s just the way it goes

 another life disappeared into the night,

 someone’s heart left broken,

Someone breaking down and screaming because they’ve had enough,


a mother left without her son,

a sister without her role model

A brother without his best friend

Because no one can compare


Oh oh oh oh yeah


But now the memories live on

so do not give up hope,

do not forget that one-day

you may meet again


and together you might shine, ….bright


so I say I love you, my brother

and I will see you when it’s my time….


my time yeah yeah ohhhh ohh yeah….

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