Time Lock

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Indi wishes to not ever have to live a life forever. She erases time completely to never have to live in the life she learned to hate. Her and her companion, Vincent, find themselves destroying time itself so much that they become stuck in a world that they cant get out of. The worse of the worlds Indi's been to.

Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



“Take off your mask, Ma’am” the officer said to me.  “You can lock me up for the rest of my life but I will keep this mask on until the day I die.”  The officer drops all his papers on the cold floor of the interview room.  And with a flip of a switch, he turns out the lights to the room and stares right at me.  “The door will be unlocked, wide open.  If you leave, I won't arrest you, but the mask comes off.”  The officer turns the lights off to the whole hall and walks away, as I hear his footsteps disappear down the hall.  Let's have some fun with this before we go shall we?  Let's go visit this officer.  

Stepping out of my chair I begin walking out of the room, reaching the desk the officer is sitting at.  With my mask still on staring right at his face.  Quite shocked he is, perhaps even scared!  “Thanks for leaving the door open” I say smiling.  “Always stay close to the door, Sir.”  Reaching over the desk I slam a button, furthest away from the officer and drop straight through the ground!  Falling fast I watch the floor close back up, and knowing that the button disappears off his desk!  The thrill of this!  With the smirk I had on my face from the officers shock, we land right back on the ground.  

“Not quite the world I wanted to go to but this will do” I say to my friend Vincent as I brush off all the dirt from my skin.  “You can't go back in time just to look mysterious” he told me. “Of course I can!  You didn't even like how your outcome was going, you would have been mad at me if I didn't do that!  Uhm, It also makes for a great party trick.”  

“You’re to much, Indi”  “Of course”  I say laughing at him.  “Let's get going.  I sort of like how I ended with that officer though.  You should have seen his face”  “I did, I was watching.”

We both sat down on the pavement in the dark alley. Reaching into my back pocket I grab out two dice.  Vincent picks out his die, I get the one cover in dust and dirt.  Shocker.  “You go first” I said.  In a blink of an eye, a name replaced the die from the ground.  Each time the dice are rolled they broadcast a new name, Vincent’s name read ‘Callum Jarvis’.  Which made Vincent a bit mad, since that is the name he last had.

“I swear I always get the broken die.  I liked the newspaper names better” Vincent said under his breath.  Rolling my die as he talked, my name read ‘Etta Rose’.  “People figured out the newspaper names to quickly. Too dangerous” I say.  “Can I roll again?”  Vincent complained.  “And now you're going insane.” I push myself off the ground with my hands, that are now covered in rocks.  “Rolling the dice twice in one world, ha” I say to him jokingly.  

“We should stop resetting our lives and just stay with what we get next”  Vincent said.  “Next?  Okay.  One more time”  giving a smirk to Vincent as we walk out of the alley.  “I am serious, Indi!”  Vincent started out to the corner, dragging his feet threw the broken pavement and scattering dirt everywhere.

“You go left, I go right” Vincent said.  


Vincent started walking off as I watched him fade away down darkness of the night.  “Bye!” I yell down to him.  “Bye, India” he said.  Eventually, I pull myself out of this dae and begin, to the left.  

The city's building lights were all off.  It was 11pm and there was nothing there.  No people, music, talking, nothing.  Walking slowly down the quiet city sidewalk, I tried to find some form of life where I stood.  Eventually I started to see one light of a room on, it got brighter the closer I got.  The light came from a tall, narrow building, but, it appeared oddly large. Walking up to the door of the building, I see a small note on it. “Anything you say can and will be used against you”.  A bit odd, right?  I looked up at the room again, to make sure the light was still on.  Seeing it glaring off the glass, I reached out my hand and gripped the freezing decorated door handle.  As I squeezed on the knob I pulled the large wooden door open slowly.  

Inside the building was a small room with two doors on either side, and a elevator straight ahead.  As I stepped into the building the heavy door slammed fast behind me!  Jumping back to see what was behind me, I found nothing.  There was nothing there, no one there to say, though I don't care, I only care about what is hiding between these walls.

I tried to open each door, one by one, but none of them would budge.  There was a small table on the side of the door I came in from.  That table had a small book on it.  “Sign in to The Dunollie.”  Opening  the book, I find that it wasn't quite a sign in book on the next page.  Flipping over to the page, it read. “Sign out on this page”  

There was a small black ink pen on the table.  I reached over for it to begin writing on the sign out page.  But the ink wouldn't show.  It would start to write on the paper, but disapear after the next touch!  Why is it doing this?  Besides the book, why did the door even close without me touching it?  And this was the only building with a light on!  What if that is a trap!  Something isn't right!  Maybe I am mad?  No of course I am not mad!  Right?  I have to get out of this trap!  Or maybe I am over reacting.  Probably.  No, no, no just open the door!  Running over to the door I tried to pull it open, but it wouldn't move a bit!  Wait, wait, It is probably just jammed.  Think Indi, think!  Maybe I broke the door?  No, no I couldn't do that!  What if I just - Calm down Indi.

Trying to catch my breath from the terror that filled my body, I started to get a idea.  The pen from the table, perhaps it is out of ink and that is why it isnt writing.  Grabbing my notebook out of my bag I tried to write on it with that pen.  And of course, it wrote perfectly fine.  I grabbed the book from the table and flipped it open the page I tried to write on. I ran my hand over the page slowly, and words started to appear on it, as if someone as writing them right them at that time.  Is this even possible!

“spmmjoh cbdl ujnf tn nvdi dbo ljmm ypv”


But, no, It's just scribbles.  But perhaps, that world is a --- no, that can't be.  Instead of worrying about the book or the door, let's see who is causing all this.  

I walked over to the elevator to see if it worked at all.  As I reached out to press the button to the elevator, it quickly opened in a loud bang!  There was a girl staring right at me!

Without any motion or expression, which I master at being able to portray, I viewed this new girl.  Trying to gather as much as I could from her.  The only thing I could focus on, was that this girl had a mask on, just like me.  The same back spider web weave over one eye, fake feathers that almost plaster the edge of your head with dreary colors taking over any happiness they might see from you.  The same empty feeling.  The girl herself though, looked older than me, just a little older.  She had black hair, that browned at the tips.  Glossy grey eyes, pale skins that only I would notice, and everyone else would think is tan.  

“This building is closed.  Please sign out” The girl said in a robot voice.  “It's - It’s um, locked?”  I said with a  slight stutter.  The girl walked over to the book and opened it and started writing. “Works just fine.  Goodbye”

She then walked over to the elevator, pressed the button to go up, and went back to wherever she came from, I assume to her room with the light.  But I didn't want to leave.  I don't think she would want me to either.  While I have the mask, I will allow myself to get so close to death.  I will only leave whenever death is breathing in my face.  I slowly decided to walk over to the door on the other side of the table.  One that was locked.  I could feel something strong coming from it.  The door itself was unpainted in which the wood was rotting from it.  

“I would like to go upstairs” I say.  Not yelling, as if I thought this girl could hear me, but I knew she could hear me.  The door creaks open slowly, a man stepped out of the room.  “Your room is ready.  Follow me” he demanded.  Put for a loop I follow the man, hoping for him to lead me upstairs.  He had a mask on himself, just like Vincent's though, which was very similar to mine.  He looked like Vincent too.  The man walked over the the elevator and waiting in silence.  The elevator door flung itself open with the girl standing right in the center.  “She will show you your room.”  I nodded to the man and stepped in the elevator.  As soon as my whole body was inside the elevator the door slammed shut and we started rising fast!  

The air got cold, worse as we rose!  Painful elevator music started playing louder, and louder!  A repeated beat keep playing back.  Circus music that caught up with your head to haunt you!  It was a painful sound!  The music got left with the speed we were moving at, and when it would catch up, it would have already repeated!  Thought it keep getting louder and louder and louder!  It was right there!  Whispering in my ear was that beat!  “JUST TURN AROUND”  I yelled outloud to myself!  But there was nothing there, but the sound, it was right there, in my ear!  I felt the beat of the song tingle down my spine!  “We're almost there” the girl said in a horrifying tone!  The music stopped when she started talking, and it stayed, motionless.

The elevator doors opened and she steps out and turns to look at me.  Water started rushing out of the elevators vent and flooding the room, it stopped right at the edge of the elevator.  The water burned my skin as it rushed thru!  The girl just stood there, she didn't even move.  “Take off your mask”  She said.  “What is this” I yelled at her!  “You can't keep the mask forever” she reminded me.  “How do you know this?!”  “Haunting isn't it?”  

The water rushed faster as the music started again, as the music got louder, the water stopped and drained itself out, evaporated you could say.  “You're me” I whisper, choking on the water that stilled filled my lungs.  

“No.  You, are me”  She said.

The doors to the elevator slammed close splashing the last bit of the water everywhere.  Locked into the contained spaces I tried to find someway to leave!  But again, the elevator started moving fast!  Not up nor down, just fast, somewhere!  I couldn't breathe, whether it was the water I still choked on, or the speed and confusion of this elevator!  I couldn't feel a thing.

Finally, the elevator stopped in a terrifying crash while I was laying with my back against the damp side of the elevator.  But, as I am looking at it, I'm not in the elevator anymore.  I was in a hall, where the walls seemed to go on forever, an endless horror.  I was in a new place.  Somewhere I’d never seen before, which doesn't usually happen.  I started to catch my breathe as I stood up, which was hard if you could imagine.  

The lights flickered in the hall.  It was already dark though, didn't much make a difference.  ‘Knock, knock, knock’  I turned around to see that there was a door behind me, what is up with all these doors?  ‘Knock, knock, knock’ It continued.  This door was old, it was beaten down.  Had a cracks all in it, and a small peep hole. ‘Knock, knock, knock’ I stepped up closer to the door.  I slowly dragged my hand across the door feeling the splinters of the wood pierce through my skin. ‘Knock, knock, knock’

Unable to say I word, I looked thru the broken peep hole.  There was a girl, staring at the door as I looked threw at her.  It was me, the real me.  Her black hair was cut short. Broken and faded.  The only thing she didn't have, was a mask.  She had tired eyes, that were gray but so weak they had faded away to be almost white.  Wearing a long white v-neck t shirt with ripped back shorts, and black sneakers on.  No color, at all.  Her necklace hung long on her chest with a golden arrow sideways on it.  She was terrible, but perfect.

She knocked on the door again, three times, then turned her head to face me with her glassy eyes.  But I didn't dare to touch the door, I couldn't even move myself away even if I tried.  I didn't want to though, I want to be her, but I can't, so why look away.

“Indi!  Get out of here”  Vincent yelled at me running down the hall to me!  I jumped panicked to face him.  How did he find me?  I don't even know where I am!  “Indo, go!  What are you doing get out of here?!”  “Indi get out now” He yelled!

“Save me, Vincent” I mumbled with my last breath.  “Save yourself.  I can't be around any longer”  “No! Vincent stay, help!”  He turned around and disappeared as he ran down the hall. “Vincent, no” I yelled at him with all my voice could take, almost crying, but I don't cry, I can't.

The fear of what was about to come without Vincent haunted me, though I never asked for his help, so I don't know why this hurts so much. I managed to drag myself away and ran over to a elevator just waiting for someone to use it.  Pressing all the buttons over and over trying to find one that worked!  They flashed as I pressed them, but the doors just wouldn't open!  A cold breeze lifted up my spine and pulled me to the ground.  The girl behind the door was staring down at me as sad as she ever had looked, sad as I have ever looked.  “spmmjoh cbdl ujnf tn nvdi dbo ljmm ypv” she wispered.  “I don't know what you mean.”  “spmmjoh cbdl ujnf tn nvdi dbo ljmm ypv” she continued, she said it again and again.  The elevator opened as I turned around and the boy and girl with mask were staring out.  I turned away from them as fast as I could to look back at the young girl.  Everything froze after that point.

They wouldn't move at all, they just stared like they were waiting for something.  The girl started to look pale through her makeup.  I reached out to touch the her face, but the closer I got the more she disappeared.  I jumped out to try to grab her but she was gone completely.  Not surprised though, I was always good at tricks like that.  “Follow me” Vincent yelled!  “Through the door!”  “You came back” I yelled to him running up and hugging him!  “This is a bad time for you to decide you finally like me” He said sternly.  “You have to go through the door the girl was in” He said quietly.  Of course I hesitated, I am not going near the door!  It can't be safe!  Right?  I am probably wrong.  “No, no I can't!  I’m not going to!”  “Indi, come on now!”  I turned around to look at the two in the mask.  Still just looking at me, and only me “Indi, I know what they are saying, It's Sliding Scale!  We have to get out of here!”  What was sliding scale?  What they were saying wasn't even english, yet some weird ‘Sliding Scale’ language he is talking about.  “It’s a code Indi!  They are saying ‘rolling back time so much can kill you’!  That's what they will do themself if you don't come with me!”  

Vincent grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the door, running as fast as we could. The echo of the emptiness rushed out with each footstep from us.  I tried to pull back from him but I couldn't, I just  cover my ears from the echo and music that began to play again.  The more we ran, the more I felt the pressure caving in on me.  And the louder the music got again.  Music:  the only thing that is powerful enough to take my down mentally.  “There was water earlier, and water in the elevator just now.”  I said quietly, and I was scared, I never get scared, my mind just rushes, but no, I was scared.  “I know. Go” vincent said back.  “What” I asked.  “Reset time, just do it Indi go!”  I pulled out a old clock from my torn pocket.  Brushed off the dirt from the back, and I reset time just like he said.  As soon as I pressed the button the pressure fell off me and I fell on the floor with Vincent next to me.  We were back in the room that the elevator stopped at first.

“What are we doing here I reset time?!”  “It's the pictures.  All the pictures link each world to us, all the worlds we ‘left’ still have us in them. While the pictures are here we can't go anywhere.  They have gathered up so much of past time that doesn't exist anymore we can't erase time, just move to different locations in time.  I set us to travel here. ” Vince told me, pretty tiredly.  “What do we do just tear them” I asked?  “Yea.”  All the pictures were hanging on strings around the room.  All the pictures we had ever took were hanging all over, on the walls, strewed across the room, some on random objects and the ceiling, only Vincent can reach those though.

Vincent was already ripping photos after photo, dropping them on the floor.  “Come on, Indi” Vince told me.  It was a weird feeling do this.  Every memory we had to keep was lost, I guess they will just be memories now.

All of a sudden the dings of the elevator start to be heard.  “They're coming, Indi help!”  I ran over the the photos and started ripping them up again.  The ticks of the elevator rising rushed my blood faster!

I grabbed the next photo and felt the paper upon my finger tips, that started to fold between my fingers.  Slowly pulling out my hand to find a black ink blurred across my hand.  I flipped over the photo in a hurry to find blurred writing on the back.  Dropping to my knees I yanked up photo and photo flipping threw the backs.  They all were settled with ink that started melting off them.  I yelled to Vincent to look at the photos.  As he ran over the ink started sliding over to the elevator.  It dripped off my hand and bunched up with the rest of the ink.  It started moving up the elevator doors a forming a large, well, I am not sure what it is.

“Keep ripping the photos” he yelled!  Shaking my vision away from the doors I turned around and started ripping each photo again.  Hoping whatever was there would go away.  The amount of the photos was shrinking but the few left started to blur up.  Fast as I could I ran for the photos on the wall and ripped them up.  All of a sudden a big bang urge arose from the elevator.  “Vincent” I yelled!  The ink formed a large door across the elevator that took up the surface.  Knocking started coming from the ink door, same knocking as the girls earlier.  The doors knocking continued as Vincent yelled at me to continue tearing the photo.  With all the force I had left I went back to the last of the photos and destroyed them all.  “They are all gone” I said turning my head to Vincent. “The Ink” Vincent said.  


“The Ink” Vincent replied to me with a long pause.

With my back facing the elevator I turned myself to look at the ink that was now a shadow behind my body.  “Don't move” Vincent told me.  He slowly walked over to the a small pile of photos and grabbed the top one out.  Making his way back to the shadow, almost walking on his toes, he dropped a photo into the shadow. And it vanished. “What if I move” I asked.  “Don't” he replied “Just don't okay?”  I shook my head to his question hoping he knew what to do.  He started moving faster and faster to each photo dropping them in the shadow one by one.  Footsteps started coming out from the shadow as the pictures dropped in.  With each step the quicker he dropped each photo.  “What is going on?”  I whispered to him.  “The shadow is you.  With you and everything you've have been in each world, unless all the evidence from our travels dropped into the shadow we will be stuck here forever.  If it is dropped in it gets forgotten, because it is broken” Vincent said in a breathless statement.  “What about us?  We are evidence!”

“No, we're just people, not evidence” He stared at me sharply why saying that.  Each step was getting closer and closer as he dropped the last photo in the shadow.  

“Why isn't it working” he yelled out!  


“The shadow should be disappearing!  They shouldn't be coming up we should be gone!”

Vincent paused to think for what felt like forever, yet I am still am not sure of what is happening.  “I got it”  He said.  “Throw the watch in.”  I don't want to throw it in.  If it did what it did to our pictures, we’ll never be able to travel again.  Didnt Vincent say you had to throw evidence from our travels?  How is it evidence?  Even if it is, or isn't, Vincent seems to know what to do.  I reached into my pocket, yanking out the old rusted watch.  Handing it to Vincent, he dropped it into the shadow.  The footsteps stopped coming up, and the knocking came to a pause.

“Did it work”  I asked?  “Shh, wait” He demanded!  The shadow on the ground started moving, again.  “Its the clock” Vincent said.  “When it is done making up itself you have to roll back time with it.”  “But I can't, that's what they said, rolling back time so much can kill you.  We already did it once again today” I said.  “No you just moved in the same world we’re in, that is how this world works.  You have to do it again” he said.  “Wont we just stay in this world then?”  “Indi just go!”  

I bolted over the the ink that formed my new watch.  Pressing my hand against the center of the ink-watch, hoping that was enough.  With a bright, loud, flash; we were in a new world.  “We did it.  Right?”  I asked Vincent struggling to breathe clearly.  Unsure of well, anything right now.  “Yea” He said dropping to the ground of exhaustion.  Looking around at this new world, something I've never seen before.  The ground was sandy, with patches of tall stocky grass.  A few trees, with hills and mountains having around us.  There was no human interaction though, but I could tell we were in a real world.  I reached into my pocked to see if I had the watch still.  But nothing was there.  So this is the life we have to make work, for good.

“Vincent I am going to the top of that mountain/hill thing...”  I started walking over to see If I could see, well, anything!  The mountain was petty tall, but nothing I couldn't take after what just happened.  

“Vincent, do you want to come” I said turning to him.  “Vincent?” I tried to look around to see where he was. I keep yelling for him, over and over, but he wasn't answering.  I ran back to where we joined the world as fast I could move my legs!  Where is he?  “You have to be here!  Where are you!”  Out of the silence from only my voice, a noise came from my jeans.

‘Ding...Ding’  I reached into my back pocket to get out my phone, that hasn't rang in, well forever.  Pressing my hand against the cold case I dragged it out to see who, or what was calling.  

It said, Vincent was calling. “Uh, hello?”  “Where are you!”  He said, panicked.  “Right where we fell when we came to the world.”  “We?  Indi we are not in the same world!  I didn't come with you!”  “What are you talking about?  We came from the other world that was about to destroy us!”  “Indi that doesn't happen!  I made sure when I made that watch we couldn't possibly get in a world like that!”

I don't know what he is talking about, probably just a trick.  He was with me right?  That did happen!  You must know, you were there too!  “I know what is happening” he said.  “You're in a different world than me, one only you can be in.”  “What is that then, how do I get out?”  I yelled to him frightened.  “I can't help you with that.  Indi, you're trapped in your mind”


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