To someone who left...

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This is a short poem, to someone who left.

Submitted: March 26, 2016

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Submitted: March 26, 2016



Why did I ever let you leave my eyes

Was it that I found the right person, at the most terrible time

A time when they cared about my breaking life

But I cared about nothing except when i'll die

But now that someone is lost in the light

A burning light that can't be at sight

All I can do is think about our days

That'll make me mad to turn into cries

They will rush down my face but won't leave a line

Wiping the tears just another time

I try to stay strong while I'm falling away

So I'll fake it to everyone while I stop talking to your face

But you stopped talking first so who should says burned

Silence is the most powerful scream…

and it hurts

They ask what's wrong but I don't say because I don't know what pains me mostly

Is it that you don't care or it hurts me to say

But if you told me you cared would you tell me so smooth?

It is killing me much

Is it even bothering you?

Maybe I should learn to get over you

Because I believe you looked at you phone

That was waiting for pain to be renowned

You see my face you look in my eyes

Say "Shes not important" and leaves me that night

But someday someone is going to thank you for leaving

But I will always wonder why I was so repulsing

And all I have now is just a crush

When you like someone but they don't even know your thoughts


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