When a promise takes over love, friendship and happiness

When a promise takes over love, friendship and happiness

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



When you make a promise you wonder if it will ever take over love, friendship or happiness. Follow Janet as she makes sense of a small promise that escalates in to her maybe losing a friend or gaining a boyfriend, this promise may test how true her friends are and if they can all stick together. Is young love meant to be this complex?.......Feel free to leave comments and please do say if you want to read a chapter 2 :)
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When you make a promise you wonder if it will ever take over love, friendship or happiness. Follow Janet as she makes sense of a small promise that escalates in to her maybe losing a friend or gaining a boyfriend, this promise may test how true her friends are and if they can all stick together. Is young love meant to be this complex?.......Feel free to leave comments and please do say if you want to read a chapter 2 :)

Chapter1 (v.1) - When a promise takes over love, friendship and happiness

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When you make a promise you wonder if it will ever take over love, friendship or happiness. Follow Janet as she makes sense of a small promise that escalates in to her maybe losing a friend or gaining a boyfriend, this promise may test how true her friends are and if they can all stick together. Is young love meant to be this complex?.......Feel free to leave comments and please do say if you want to read a chapter 2 :)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 11, 2012



??Best mates no matter what!! ??

“You guys are so funny” I chuckled away as we all sat around the camp fire telling each other our embarrassing moments. Megan, Sophie, Josh, Edward and I where outside in my mum’s backyard camping around a small camp fire. It was seven in the evening and I told everyone an embarrassing story about the day when I went to the park with my brothers Ricky and Robin, Ricky asked me to push him on the swings, so I said yes and went of to push him because I was in a good mood, then 10 minutes letter Robin taps my shoulder while I’m sitting on the bench and says “ please could you give me a piggy back ride” so I just smiled and gave him a piggy back ride, while I was walking around the park playground with Robin on my back, Ricky ran behind me and pulled my trackies right down to my ankles, “Janet are you serious your brother pulled your jeans down to your ankle......shame, but at least there was no fit guys around” Megan chuckled away

“well that’s where your wrong, while they ran off laughing, I was still standing in the playground like an idiot wondering what to do next and along comes that new sexy exchange-student” I squealed

“No way, do you mean Jonathan that sexy Italian guy” Megan grabbed the side of josh’s hand and squeezed it to death

“Yes way”

“No way” as squeezed harder josh was in pain

“Yes way”


“STOP….. Can’t you see josh is in pain, you two need to grow up you don’t see Sophie acting a fool” Edward rudely butted in

“Let me just say one thing…….NO WAY” Sophie screamed

“I give up why do I try with you girls” Edward went back to sit down, and Joshstarts to randomly laugh

“Ouch……let’s hope that doesn’t change his mind of maybe asking you to prom, you know since he’s looking for a date” Sophie started to wink at me; I just had to laugh at her

“You know how much I would love to go to the prom with him but after him seeing my knickers, which were grany knickers, he might have another think about asking me out” everyone just starts to laugh at me

“Who can blame him, come on granny knickers you seriously must of been having a bad day ehh” Megan started to cry of laughter so Sophie slapped her

. . .

“Granny knickers I think that’s sweet” laughed Josh, Sophie throws a stick at him, and he fell off the log

“Look Janet you’re a wonderful girl and any guy would be happy to date you” Sophie said while she sat next to me giving me a hug

“Well…..” I hesitated

“Oh for God sake shut up about your boy talk, me and josh don’t care about some next exchange student, grow up” Edward yelled as he broke his stick

“Cool it Edward no need to be a jerk” I yelled as Megan, Sophie and josh started to laugh their heads off.

Edward and I have been best friends since pre-school, he was my first best friend, The reason we became good mates was only because our brothers always hanged out with each and Edward would always come to my house to chill with me, only because his brother did not trust him enough to leave him at home alone, after having to spend so much time together we have become really good friends. That changed in year 3 when he introduced me to his other mate who was called Josh, at first we did not see eye to eye, it used to be so funny because we use to play loads of pranks on each other and at times Edward would get in the way of things, he did get fed up of the whole war between me and Josh and we some how managed to blow his last straw. Sad times......I think it was when I thought it would be a good idea to set a trap on Josh's luch seatr, if you sat on it you would fall through the seat and a bucket of water would come crashing down on you and yes it was not warm, I put ice in the water to give it an extra effect. Why oh why did Edward have to be so foolish enough to sit on the seat? Okay i never gave him any warning but i can tell you he never found the prank funny, but by the end of the day he made us mates and still up to this day, I have no idea how he did it. Another year past and Edward, John and I were like the 3 amigos, “where he goes we go”, that used to be are caught phrase. It was time for us to invite more people to our group of amigos, my other close friends Megan and Sophie started to complain to me saying “we never see you anymore, how come you’re always with those ugly freeaks” well that’s what Megan said but Sophie had a different opinion she said “I see where Megan is coming from but Josh is really fit how can you not see it”

“What are you on about Sophie” Megan laughed

“Yeah he really is Janet you so have to give him my number” Sophie said in a flirty tone

. . .

“You guys I love you too much too lose you” I said as I gave them both a hug

“then why don’t you spend as much time as you do with them with us” Megan pushed me away, I saw how much my disowning them, was killing them inside, well after our argument about who my friends should be, I told them “the only reason I’m hear is because I want to know if you guys want to hang out with me and the other guys” they just started to laugh and we had a group hug, it took time for everyone to get along but in time we all mixed together like milk and tea and we all have our own personality in our group that makes us a family. In are amigo crew Megan is our drama queen, Josh is the king of pranks and joker of our group, Sophie is our fashion chick, Edward is the one who loves sports and me I’m just the one who loves to get the gossip. I love these guys to bits and I would die if we all split.

“Hey guys before the fire gets puts out lest throw our sticks in the fire and promise to be amigos for life no matter what”

“Aww Janet what a sweet but good idea” Sophie smiled

“I’m a dude and I still think your idea is kind of cool” Josh agreed

“What the heck lets go for it” Megan and Edward agreed, we all sat their together holding hands around the camp fire and we all said “amigos for life, where ever he goes we go”

“I feel so happy we said that, okay now I sound sad lets go back to normal” I said as everyone laughed, Megan started to walk to the living room when she got their she started to yell “Janet come here I got something to show you”

“What the hell do you want” I moaned while walking over to her

“When where you going to tell me you and Edward where going to get it on”

“What do you mean, I just said we were all amigos, come on Megan I know you can be blonde sometimes but you were there when we said that”

“Janet I’m sorry but I have known you since and I know you like someone so there is no point lying to me I’m not buying it Pinocchio”

“What makes you think that I like Edward?”

“The way you act when we are around him, Janet no amigo acts like that”

“look drop it, I don’t like him he don’t like me get over it” I sighed as I walked away, Megan followed me with a cheesy grin on her face all she needed to complete that grin was buck teeth and bright red checks then she could be SpongeBob’s sister, we both sat down at the camp fire, Edward winked at me it was so sudden so I just smiled back and there goes Megan poking me and again in my ear she says “I think he likes you too”

“Shut up” I mumbled under my breath.

The strange thing was throughout the whole night Edward kept on smiling at me, I started to get worried that he might have heard what Megan said to me, I started to smile back but I stopped because I kept on thinking about Jonathan, Edward looked at me a bit odd because I just randomly turned around.

The thing is I’ve known Edward for so long I would have no problem going out with him but I don’t really want to risk our friendship that means more to me and then there’s Jonathan I really want him to ask me out and go to the prom with him that would be my dream come true, but I don’t want to hurt Edward if I did that would kill me, what do I do knowing he wants to go out with me AUURRGGG!!!! this is too difficult to choose I’m stuck between two, maybe I should talk to Sophie, no can’t do that she’ll make this whole thing a big show and I really don’t need an audience, but then I could tell Josh wait why would I do that Edwards like his best mate. Then again I could just ask Megan, she would just say I told you so, that means the only person I could talk to would have to be my mum, what the heck it’s worth a try, tomorrow morning I’ll talk to her.

“Janet it’s time for you and your friends to go to sleep, NOW!!” mum yelled

“No problems mum we’ll just set up our tents and sleep in them”

“No way Janet, what do you think I was born yesterday, if your outside how do I know you’re not roaming the streets and what would their parents think if I let you and your friends sleep in a tent in a garden, bed now INSIDE”

“Mum why would we randomly roam the streets at this time, all we want to do is camp outside it will be fine please let us”

“Janet this is the last time I’m telling you get your backside inside right now” she yelled and this is the women I think is going to help me with my problem, why is my mum a party pooper I told her we were camping out in our tents.

“Janet don’t worry, at least your mum lets girls and guys sleep over night, my dad forbids girls so your mums not a party pooper” everyone laughed at Edwards random comment we all knew it was far from true’ “and we can all just camp out on the floor on the living room” Edward said to me as he hugged me

“Yeah that’s a good idea” I smiled

“Yeah its good but I would rather sleep on the sofa” Megan interrupted

“Okay then girls on the sofa boys on the floor oh and I think we should watch a horror movie” I muttered as we walled inside.

Everyone started to settle down and get snacks from the kitchen I went upstairs into my room, I walked over to a big old chest in my bedroom, I opened it an looked inside, I had all kinds of different movies like Nightmare on Elem street, The secret life of bees, the grudge 1, 2 & 3 or we could just watch Eclipse but the boys hate that movie. I brought down the DVD’s I thought that everyone would like to watch, I showed them the different DVD’s and told them we should have a vote, Megan and Sophie wanted to see Eclipse, Edward wanted to see Nightmare on Elem street and Josh wanted to see the secret life of bees, random right but I still had no idea what to watch, but what I did know is that the only reason Megan and Sophie wanted to watch Eclipse was because they wanted to see Jacob topless and I really don’t think the boys would find that appealing, Edward wants to watch a horror movie cause he probably wants to act like a brave bloke by saying “are you scared , if so I can put my arm around you for safety” typical for a dude to do that right? Well it was either that or he just wanted a reason to sit next to me and to be honest I have no idea why Josh wants to see the secret life of bees and you know what I’m not going to question him. It was up to me to vote for a good movie for us all to watch but what movie would appeal to all of us.

“NO WAY am I seeing Eclipse just so you can see Jacobs six pack” Edward yelled at Megan and Sophie

“One there is no need to shout why do you act like such a jerk and two we don’t just want to see Eclipse for Jacobs sweet sexy six pack” Sophie pointed out

“yeah Sophie is right it’s not just about Jacobs sexy six” Megan grinned and laughed with Sophie while the boys looked at each other and sighed “the movie also has a lot and I mean a lot of action” Megan added

“No way if it has action I’m in” Josh shouted with joy

“Josh come on get serious, you can’t leave your homie” Edward said as he pulled Josh’s top

“Why not the girls said it has action and I love action, you should know that so I’m sorry homie” Josh said as he pulled away

“Why would a girly film have action in it” Edward tried to put his point forward

“Well it is a movie about a girl who falls in love with a vampire but also has feelings for a wolf who is her best friend”

“Who cares about that?”

“Bro do the maths vampires VS wolfs there has to be some kind of action in it somewhere and you only want to watch a horror so you can chat up a certain la….”

“shut up” Edward muttered as he punched Josh in the arm, Sophie looked at them both confused Megan turned around and smiled at me with her evil I told you so smile and I was just thinking why am I stuck between two

“Okay let’s just watch Eclipse” Edward decided to give in

“Great Eclipse it is” I sang as I put in the DVD, Everyone got on to the my mums big long black leather sofa Megan on one side me next to her then Sophie, Josh and Edward at the end, looks like he didn’t get what he wanted. We all started to share chocolates, crisps, ice-cream, lolly pops, sweets, popcorn and drinks we had a feast big enough to feed 6 different families but we got to end the night with a really good movie, the only thing on my mind was stuck between two.

It was 11:00PM in the evening and we were all stuffed sitting on the sofa, we could all tell that Edward was amazed about how much action was in Eclipse that his mouth dropped, “So Edward, still think it is a girly movie” Josh grinned as he nudge Edward

“Yeah whatever its alright” Edward mumbled, Megan and Sophie where sitting on the sofa while I was holding the rest of the popcorn for them, all they were doing was cheering every time they saw Jacobs abs and I had to be in the middle of it, they were so loud, what typical girls to be cheering for Jacobs abs, the movie finished a few minutes later and we were all wasted, Josh and Edward on the Floor while I shared the sofa with Megan and Sophie, they took up all the room so I took my cover to the single sofa, I looked around the living room the place was a mess there was empty cans on the floor and on the Coffey table, popcorn was in Megan’s hair only because she fell asleep in it, Josh split his coke on the floor and now his hand is in the sticky puddle, I was thinking I should take a photo and put it on Face Book under a tag called best night ever. My mum would kill me if she saw how messed up her living room was I could say this would be the last time I could have friends over for the night. I need to clean this place up but it would take up the rest of my night if I did it by myself, I looked at Sophie and said to myself if I wake her she might just help me, I decided to tap Sophie on her shoulder but she shrugged her shoulder and groaned at me, I just looked thinking this girl is so lazy and I’m going to wake her up, so I shock her left and right really hard but she punched me in my nose “OUCH!!!” I yelled in pain

“Leave me alone and let me sleep then” Sophie groaned as she rolled over

“This means war” I said as I was holding my nose, there is no way she was going to get away with what she just did to me. I sat back in the sofa and looked at Sophie then I looked at the floor, why didn’t it come in the first place, I thought if I pushed off the sofa on to the floor, she would have no choice but to help me. I started to have a small smile then as I though more and more about my idea the smile got bigger and bigger before I knew it I was getting ready to shove Sophie of the sofa, I took a deep breath and counted to three then before I knew it Sophie was on the floor.

“OWW!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU” Sophie yelled as she was rubbing her head

“Sorry Sophie but I really need your help it is a matter of life or death” I begged on my knees

“Janet okay what is it and wow is it me or the light what happened here”

“Yeah I know what you mean Sophie, that’s why I need your help, please help me, pretty please I really need your help”

“Okay chill it, I’ll help you out but next time consider slapping me on my back instead OKAY!!!”

“Yeah sorry about that Sophie”

Sophie sat up and wacked me on the head with a pillow I just looked at her for a few seconds, then I came out randomly bursting of laughter and put my hand out so she could help me up. We started working it took about 2 hours but in no time it was all clean like they say two hands work better than one, other than that the room looked great my mum was going to love it.

“Thanks so much Sophie” I said as I hugged her

“No problem babes what are amigos for” she laughed at me

“L.O.L” I laughed out loud

“So what’s the gossip about you and the prom?”

“I want to go with Jonathan but people are telling me that Edward wants to go with me”

“What you going to do about this situation”

“I’m not sure Maybe talk to my mum about this situation”

“Can’t belie vim saying this but I agree with you” Sophie patted me on my shoulder “and why do we keep saying situation” we both laughed

“Let’s go back to sleep” I said as I made the sofa more comfortable

“Yeah we might as well” after that we both doze off to sleep.

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