The Eternal Parade

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Its a short story I wrote in a group of 10 others and we had to describe someone or something without saying who we were. In the end they had to guess what or who we were.

Submitted: June 27, 2008

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Submitted: June 27, 2008



It is Warm and Safe Where I Lie
My Encasement Is Tight And Confining.
Yet I’m Cold, Have Always Been Cold.
As I Release Myself From Where I Find Comfort,
The New Day Brings Not Sun, But The Stars And Moon.
I Am Hungry, Oh So Hungry.
The Possibilities Are Endless.
I Enter The World With A Sense Of Excitement.
The Smell of a Warm Summers Eve
Is Overwhelming In Its Presence.
Sophistication, And Grace Is Somewhat A Trait Of Mine.
There Is Laughter and Joy
I Can Feel the Perspiration Cling to Me
As The Sound Of Music And Celebration Fills The Air.
I Move Among “THEM”
Without A Hint of Detection.
My Hunger Is Growing
I Must Feed Now!!
My Heart Races, And My Senses Are At Full Peak.
Then It Hits Me,
Like a Wave Crashing On The Beach.
The Sweet Smell of Innocence.
Not Over Powering,
But Enough To Tantalize My Interest.
I Move In Close For A Better Smell.
My Hunger Is Now Taking Over.
I Must Control Myself As To Not Give Up My Disguise.
I Must Feed, And End This Anguish.
The Feeling Of Self-Gratification Is Running Rapid Through My Soul.
As I Get Close, A Sense Of Intrigue Is Radiating From This Lost Soul.
It Is Mine For The Taking.
Lust, And Surrender Is Very Much Present.
I Move In Even Closer,
I Am Tingling With Anticipation,
The Hunger Is Now Unstoppable.
There Is No Resistance, Not Even A Whimper.
I Have Complete Control, A Spell Has Been Cast.
As I Close My Eyes, and Indulge My Desire,
I Am Overwhelmed With A Rush Of Emotions.
Warm and Soft, Like Silk Running through My Veins,
I Can Feel Life As God Intended It.
With The Soul of the Devil I Take It, It is MINE.
There Is A Feeling Of Helplessness, Loneliness, And Seduction.
As Quickly As It Started, It Is Over.
I Have Taken Life, And It Lay Peaceful beside Me.
Like A Star among Thousands,
This One No Longer Shines.
My Hunger Has Been Met,
And I Feel As though Years of Eternal Bliss,
Have All Been Satisfied, All within A Few Mere Seconds.
With the knowing it will All Happen Again,
As it has For Centuries.
The Hunt Is Over, And the Night Has Grown Short.
Returning To My Place Of Origin, I Feel Sad And Lost.
It Has Tormented Me For Hundreds Of Years.
It Is a Curse; And Some Think It’s a Gift.
I Have Survived Many Loved Ones, And Seen Many Beautiful sites.
I am Tired and Lonely,
And Have No Sense Of Life.
I Will See Many Falling Stars,
And Radiant Full Moons.
What I Really Want In Life
 Will Surely Be My Demise
It Is Really Quite Simple.
It is A Beautiful Sunrise.

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