Leaving Me Broken

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Bre and Austin have been together for 5 years and Bre thought she had it all. When Austin Decides that he dont love Bre no more he finds out that it was a mistake breaking up with her and now its too late to get her back..
Find out what happens with the Story Leaving Me Broken.

Mystery Girl15
P.S if i get enough comments about how you like my story i will write more and will be from Entirley Austins Perspective

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Bre and Austin were walking hand in hand through the park, enjoying the view of the Christmas lights. It was cold outside and there was a light breeze in the air, making Bre cuddle up in Austins arms. He kissed the top of her head "I love you" he whispers. Bre smiles and scoots closer to Austin. He's Perfect, she thought. The day came and went and Bre found herself waking up and getting ready to go to work. On her way out she stops by Austins house before work. Austins waiting for her at the door "Hey Babe" he says "Hey" Austin bends down and kisses her. It was a long, deep and passionate kiss. Bre sighs "Oh I almost forgot" she says. Austin looks at her asn she hands him a large cup of coffee from McDonalds. His favorite. "Just for you" Bre says. "Just for me" Austin replies, and takes the coffe "Your gonna be late" he tells then kisses her on her cheek and walks off.

Well that was weird, Bre thought. But he was right, she was gonna be late if she didnt hurry. Bre got in her car without thinking about what just happened. When pulled up to her work building she parked the car and took the elevator to her office. Bre sat down at her down to find a note that said
"Meet me at the park at 12:00 - Austin". There was rose next to the letter. Bre smiled and sniffed the rose. Thats why he was acting weird. 11:30 was the time, she had 30 minutes before she was suppose to meet Austin at the park. She smiled at the thought of seeing Austin again. After about 10 minutes of playing on the computer Bre decided that she would head on to the park and meet her love.

When she got there Austin was sitting on the bench waiting for her. "Hey sweetie" Bre said, and reached up to kiss him on the lips. Austin grabs her hand and leads her to the bench and they sit down "Here this is for you, but dont read it yet" Bre hands Austin a piece of paper and he takes it. "Bre we need to talk" Austin says "Sure, anything babe" Bre smiles and takes Austins hands. "Bre, I dont feel we should be together no more""Huh? Im not sure I understand" Bre says hoping thats he's not really saying these things. "I dont love you no more Bre. Its over!" Bre felt the wetness of her tears running down her cheek. She rips her hands away from Austin. "Five years? Five years! and you tell me you dont love me?" Austin said nothing, he only looks at her with a pathetic expression as if trying to say "Im sorry"

Bre nodded and with tears still running down her face she gets up, kisses Austin on the cheek and walks off. Thinking that she was going to take a short cut home from the park Bre walks down a dark alley leaving Austin at the bench. Hearing foot steps behind her she turns around expecting to see Austin and hoping he's there to apologize, but instead finds a man with a gun, pointing straight at her chest. She lets out a scream but its too late. The man pulls the trigger and Bre falls back and hits the ground dead.


Austin was still on the bench clutching the note Bre had given him. Astonished with what he had just done. When he was getting up he heard Bre scream from a distance followed by the unmistakable sound of a gun shot. Austin burst into a sprint and turns down a dark alley, to find Bre lying there. Dead. With a pool of blood around her beautiful body. He slid down beside her on his knees and takes her hand. "No, no, no, this cant be happening" he said aloud "I love you Bre, I love you, Im so sorry, Im such an idiot". Remebering the note Bre had given him, he quickly unfolds it and reads:

Dear Austin,
You have given me so much. I love you.
I would literally die without your love.

Yours Truly,
Bre <3



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