Star's Nightmares

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Star is starting to realize that her Nightmares are becoming more powerful pretty soon they will start to consume her. When she moves To Albequrque to live with her grandma the Nightmares stop but how long will they stay away? Please read to find out :)

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



Hi,I'm Star  and this is a story about my life.I'm 14 and soon to be 15 on August 21st.I don't look 14 do I? Well if you think that,I know.People say I look 19 or 17,but no I'm 14.My parent's are divorced and I live with my mom,but she's never home.She's been like this since I was 6.Wanna know what my dad did to make her like this? Well he killed her mother.When she found out she nearly committed suicide,but I somehow had this weird nightmare that she was going to try to,I helped her by telling her not to and that it's not worth it.I was pretty mature for a 6 year old.She listened and apologized,but when the nightmares became more and more intense I woke her up every single night with my screaming.I've been to every physiologist in the city and none of them can help me.It terrified my mother one day when I told her that someone's going to murder her boss on a Halloween party.She never believed me before,but when it happened,she burst into tears and told me over and over that she never meant this to happen and that it was all her fault.And to this day it feels like she's ashamed of me.At times my nightmares make my nose bleed,and they stop me from waking up,but I somehow find a way to wake up because when I'm awake from them I end up outside.You might say I'm crazy,but it's the truth.And now I want you to know exactly how I live my life by telling you every single detail of it.

My worst fear has come tonight.As I'm about to get ready I heard a creak,I turned around and saw the door close quickly.I ran to the door and banged on it.
"Mom! Mom! Help!! Mom!! Get me out of here!! Mom!!"I screamed. "Mom!! Mom! Help!!"
As I fell to the ground letting go of my grip of the door,it slowly opened.I got up and wiped my tears off.I slowly began to walk out of my room,sniffling and crying.As I looked around every where that lights began to flicker.I screamed lightly as I saw blood pouring out of the walls.I couldn't hold in my scream so I screamed.I began to run to my mother's room,but when I opened the door,there she was sitting on her bed looking through the window.
"Mom?"I asked trembling. "Mom?"
When she wouldn't reply I shook her and her head fell off.I screamed and screamed.Suddenly my mouth was being covered and it dragged me to my closet.It was too dark for me to see so I wept.
"I'm coming for you next my darling,be prepared."Warned a voice.
It let go of me and then I turned on the light and looked around.My closet was covered in blood.I screamed and screamed until I heard a door open.
"Star! Star! It's okay,it's okay sweetie I'm here."My mother said getting me out of the closet.
"Mom! your...not dead!"I cried out and hugged her tightly.
"Wh..what?"She said frightened.
"Mom,somethings coming after both of you think we should move?"I whispered quietly.
"W...we..well...yes...okay,we'll go to Arizona and live with your grandma.Come on pack your stuff,I'll be in here with you and then we'll go to my room and pack up my stuff."She whispered quietly.
"Okay.."I whispered back.
As soon as I said that we got to packing my stuff.We loaded everything into the back of the van,and went inside to pack her stuff.We were finished by 5a.m.,once we were in the van I flipped off the house and we were heading to Phoenix,Arizona.Let's just hope my nightmares go away.

As soon as we were leaving Albuquerque,my eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep.When I opened my eyes I saw that we were still in the car.All of a sudden a trailer was out of control,the guys trailer was going into our way.I began to scream.
"Mom! move! come on he's going to kill us!!"I cried.
She didn't answer,I looked at her and she was dead cold pale.I began to cry,when I looked back up I saw something that wasn't my mother.It looked like a boy,I reached out for him but the trailer hit me.I woke up by my mother shaking me.I gasped for air and looked around.We were at a gas station,full of cars.I sighed and got out to go get a monster.When I was paying for it I saw something black cross my way.I looked to my side and nothing was there.
"Miss? Miss?"The cash register asked.
"Hmm?"I hummed.
"That'll be $2.50,please."He said.
I blushed and gave him the money.When I was back in the van alone while my mom was putting gas in,I heard a cry in the back seat.I closed my eyes and turned around.My eyes popped when I saw this little girl in my back seat.She looked up at me with no eyes.I was about to scream when she covered my mouth.
"Your not going to get away that easily.He's following you everywhere you go,and he will get you one way or another."She warned.
"Who's coming for me!?"I yelled.
"My lips are sealed."She said disappearing.
I put my head down and began to weep.I can never be safe,but I shouldn't worry my mom,after all she is embarrassed of me.I stopped crying and straightened up in my seat and looked out the window.
"Hunnie? What's wrong?"She asked as she began to start the car.
"Nothing,I...I'm just really tired."I lied.
"Oh,well drink up."She said handing me my monster.
"Sure thing."I said taking it.
I drank it all in the last six minutes and surprisingly I was wide awake.I kept thinking about the little girl and the black shadow that followed me into the gas station store.I took in a deep breath and began to drift off.But all of a sudden I heard a screech,I shot up straight and looked at my mom.
"Whats wrong mom?"I asked.
"I almost ran over a poor puppy."She said.
I got out of the van to get the puppy.I smiled to myself and took it to the van.My mom awed and began to hug it.
"Can we keep him?"I asked.
"Of course."She smiled.
"I think he's a greatdane! Omg,I've always wanted one."I squealed.
"Oii,he's gonna be a keeper."My mom grinned.
I got the puppy from her and it began to lick my face all over.It made me giggle.Two more hours until we're in Phoenix.Can't wait.I don't want to frighten my grandmother with my dreams,but there's no way to stop them.

When we arrived at my grandmothers house every single flash back from my childhood past came to me. I fell to my knees and began to cry. My mom picked me up and shook me.
"Star? Are you alright sweetie?"She said looking at me in the eye.
"Huh? Yeah...I'm...alright.."I said.
"Marry! Star!"My grandmother came running towards us.
Both me and my mom smiled and hugged her.My grandmother isn't really old,she had my mother when she was just 16.So calculated her age now will be like around 45.My moms just like 24,he-he and both of them are really perverted when it comes to guys.Any who back to the story.When I was about to go in something tackled me to the ground.I looked up and saw my puppy,Rover licking my face everywhere.
"You scared me boy,now common we have to unpack."I said picking him up.
My grandmother took me into my old room,it was the same,just like how it was when I was 7.Pink and purple with a tad of baby blue.When I looked at the closet a flash back hit me.It was when I was playing house with this boy I don't even remember.I blinked and blinked.My puppy began to whimper;I looked at him and everything was back to normal.
"Who was that boy?"I whispered to myself.
"Star? You alright?"My grandmother said walking in.
"Grandma...did I ever play with a boy with jet black hair??"I asked.
"Hmm...yes! Henry,he lives across the street still."She smiled.
I looked down and then I looked at the closet.She looked that way to and opened it.I saw a shadow come out of it and I was going to scream,but I didn't want to terrify her.I just smiled and walked away with her.
"Grandma...I have to tell you something."I said.
"What is it?"She asked looking concern.
"Well remember when I used to wake you up with my screaming at night?"I sighed.
"Yes...your nightmares really got to you."She tried making me laugh.
"Well....they have gotten worse.They lead me off somewhere,make my nose bleed,make me wind up where something happened.And well I just wanted to tell you.And..there's things that follow me twenty-four seven,I don't want you and mom to get hurt."I cried a little.
"Oh my...well it's a good thing I blessed this whole house ever since your grandfather died."She smiled.
"Yeah."I smiled.
I knew blessing this house would just work for a couple of weeks not years.I hope they leave me alone for quiet a while.

I was right,the blessings of the house worked.I haven't had a nightmare in a whole week.I was in such a good mood until I was outside and a whole lot of negative energy began to surround me.I fell to the ground and began to weep.I screamed and screamed,voices every where just yelling at me.
"Hey! hey girl you okay!?"Said a normal human voice.
I looked up and saw the most gorgeous looking boy I had ever seen.I got up and looked at him.He looked at me concerned and then smiled.I gave him a confused look and he hugged me.
"Oh my god! Star! I haven't seen you in years!"He said happily.
"Henry?!Oh my god!"I said screamed.
He laughed and began to look at me.I smiled and then he removed the smudgy of my make up off my cheeks.I sighed and grinned at him.He was way hotter than the guys back at my old town.
"You look a little different girly."He smiled.
"And you look"I blushed.
"Your not bad yourself."He grinned.
"Thanks.."I said punching him playfully.
We sat down on the curb on my grandma's drive way and talked about what's been going on with our lives.I was too afraid to tell him about my nightmare's so I kept that a secret.An hour later I saw this girl walking up to us with a huge grin on her face.Henry saw her and stood up.She ran to him and kissed him.I just looked away and stared at completely nothing.
"Star,this is Courtney,my girlfriend."He said making me turn their direction.
"Oh! so your Star!? Ha-ha Henry talks about you every day."She said hugging me. "It's nice meeting you."
"It's nice to meet you to.Uh,I'm gonna go inside now."I said walking away.
"Wait,what's wrong?"Henry said walking me to my door.
",really."I said looking down.
He picked up my head and stared into my eyes for a long time and shook his head.I grunted and he crossed his arms waiting for the truth.I looked at him and ran inside the house,sadly he jumped on me and pinned me down.
"Tell me!"He yelled.
"Okay,my head hurts."I said truly.
"Oh...sorry,well see you tomorrow."He said walking away.
"Sure.."I whispered.
"Well wasn't that cute."Said a little girl.
"What do you want brat."I snapped.
"In just 2 weeks,he'll be back in your dreams."She warned.
"Lovely."I sighed.
I punched the wall and made my knuckled bleed.I cursed and washed the blood out.As I was done putting on my bandage,I went into my room and began to scream my lungs out.I don't want to have anymore of these stupid dreams,I want to be normal like everyone else.Why was I cursed with this?


Everything was dark and blurry when I opened my eyes.I stood up and began to walk around.I was lost,where have I gone this time?As I walked closer I saw an abandoned house a couple feet away.I began to run close to it,then out of no where a cold wind stopped me.It shocked me so that I fell to the ground.I look up and see this evil looking thing smirking down at me.I scoffed and tried getting up,but just looking at me he forced me back down.
"I'm going to come for you one day my sweet sweet Star."It grinned.
That voice,why did it sound so familiar?I kicked the thing and began to run again.Sadly,it pinned me down and it broke my wrist.I yelped in pain and he got off of me.I looked at him with teary eyes and he disapeard.
"Star!!!"I heard a scream from the house.
"I'm coming!!"I yelled. "Whoever you are."I said quietly.
I sped walked to the house and before I opened it I looked at my bloody ugly looking wrist.I growled to myself and busted the door open.Everything was dark,I looked around at the old house and suddenly noticed it was my grandmother's house.I began to panic,no he can not hurt her.I ran up stairs and saw her.
"Grandma! Are you okay?"I cried.
" please help me."She said.
"Grandma,look at me!"I yelled.
I waited for what seemed forever and then she turned around and attacked me.I screamed in horror and pushed her off of me.I fled to my room and locked myself in the closet.I felt something running from my nose.I touched my upper lip and looked at my finger covered in blood.I hugged my knee's and shut my eyes closed.
"Star!! Wake up! Please,I can't lose you!."I heard my mother plead.
"Mom..?"I said weak.
"Star,your okay."My grandmother smiled.
"I thought we'd lose you forever.You weren't responding sweetie."My mother said with teary eyes.
"He wouldn't let me wake up mom."I said wiping her tears away.
"Whose he?"They both asked.
"A demon looking thing that wants me."I confessed.
They both gasped and hugged me tightly.I told them what I dreamed of and we all began to cry.They felt sorry for me,but they can't help me.After it was 6a.m I went to sleep,nothing really happened after six,so I was glad.I even woke up happy,that was new.I decided to go outside just to relax on the hammock,when I heard a voice.I followed it and it led me to this house.I ringed the door bell and Henry answered it,my eyes popped wide open and he smirked.
"HeyStar."He smiled.
"H..Hey.."I said with a fake smile.
"You remembered where I live?"He asked.
""I said.
"Well...wanna come inside?"He gestured me to come in.
"Uhm.."I trailed off.
"Common I won't bite.Well not that hard."He joked around.
I giggled and went inside.Everything was so plain and expensive.I saw a woman at a age around thirty-five.Henry went up to her and whispered to her.She smiled and turned around and hugged me.I was shocked and I hugged her back.
"Star! You look so different!"She smiled.
" too?"I said confusingly.
"Oh right you were in a comma for a month huh?"She said sadly.
"Uh huh?"I said.
"Okay,well Star wanna go up to my room?"Henry smiled.
I looked up at him and shrugged my shoulders and followed him up stairs to his room.He locked the door and layed on his bed.I stood there looking around.I saw a photo of a little boy and a little girl kissing each other.I awed and Henry came and stood next to me.He took it down and handed it to me to take a better look.
"I wish you could remember this."He said a bit hurt.
"Who are these two?"I asked.
"Those two are us Star."He said a tears running down.
"Oh.."I said looking up.
I saw him flinch as I looked at him.I got him by the arm and pulled him into a hug.He hugged me back and began to cry hard.I was confused I couldn't remember a thing after I was 5.
"My sweet sweet Star this was all my fault,it could of been me instead of you.That stupid guy ran you over.I just stood there in shock."He cried more.
I gasped and pushed him away from me.I remembered his voice from my dream.He looked at me with a hurt face,and then he tried reaching for me.I pushed him and ran out of his house.I tripped over a rock and fell face first onto the pavement.
"Star! Star! Why'd you..Oh my god Star are you okay?!"Henry panicked.
"Get away from me! And stop giving me nightmares!"I screamed.
"Star,I never knew I was giving you nightmares,Star,I thought I was helping you remember the past."Henry confessed.
"Re..remembering the past?! Henry you have given me nose bleeds,and predicting deaths! You think that helps me remember the past?!"I snapped at him.
"I...I'm sorry,I guess I really don't know how to control my powers."He said walking away. "Goodbye Star."
"Henry wait...what powers?"I questioned.
"Star,your such an idiot,I have the power to give people death predicting nightmares.And you should know that."He snapped.
"Gee..thanks for calling me an idiot."I growled.
I began to stomp away when Henry grabbed me by the arm and looked at me with firering eyes.I was about to scream when he pulled me in for a kiss.I was shocked but I kissed him back.He smiled and held me by the waist.I put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.
"I've missed your lips."He smiled.
"Well...I did too?"I questioned.
"I have to break up with see you tomorrow."He said and kissed me again.
I just nodded and ran inside and went to sleep.But what I thought was gone came back.

I awoke gasping for air,I began to panic ,I didn't have a clue at 
where I was.I got up dusted myself,I noticed I had a puffy dress on.I 
looked at myself in a pond and my jaw dropped the second I saw how I 
"Oh no,don't tell me this is a nightmare." I whined.
"Hello there Star."said a voice.
I turned around and saw him.It wasn't Henry,it was someone else.He was 
pale skinned,with dark hair and crystal blue eyes.I began to walk 
towards him until I stopped.
  "who are you?" I questioned
"Damon."He smirked.
"well what the hell are you doing haunting me in my fucking 
dreams?!"I snapped
"Because your so fun to scare Star."he grinned.
I flinched as he began to stroke my cheek.He growled and through me in 
the pond.He jumped in and began to drown me.It was shocking,I actually 
thought it was real then he drew me out of the water and threw me on 
the ground.I gasped for air and closed my eyes.When I opened them 
again Damon was gone.I stood up and felt myself being lifted,I looked 
down and saw Damon grinning up at me.
"Please stop!!" I cried
  "Not until your dead!"He yelled
I kicked his face and began to run to a house.I knew he was after me 
the second I kicked him.I finally made it to the house and banged on 
the door.
"help!!please open the door!!"I cried
I turned around and saw Damon I screamed as he grabbed me from the 
hair and through me against the door making it break.My eyes were half 
open when I saw him smirking up at me.I closed my eyes and blacked 
out.I heard screaming when I was out cold,I began to gain conciseness I 
saw my mother and my grandmother crying.I groaned and they soon ran 
over to me.
  "Star what happened to you?"my grandma said touching my 
  "What are you talking about?"I asked trying to get up but 
  "we heard you banging on your door screaming for help and when we 
came in we found you unconscious and bleeding." My mother said
"B..but how??I was dreaming that? How the hell did it come 
realistic?!"I shouted.
The two of them stayed quiet not knowing an answer.I grunted and began 
to get up. I limped to the bathroom and looked at my self.My head was 
covered in blood,and my lip was cut. I accidentally stood on my bad 
ankle and fell down straight to the floor.I punched the wall and began 
to weep.Why is he getting so powerful??!! Why did Henry lie to me??
Why am I cursed with this??

Well,I haven't talked to Henry ever since he told me a lie.He constantly bugs me at school telling me to please talk to him,but I just shake my head no and walk away.I soon became very aggressive with my mother and grandmother asking me if every thing is alright.I just tell them things I don't mean and make them worry more.Till one day they had had enough,and called up some one I didn't want to see.
"Star,please tell me what's wrong?"Henry pleaded.
"You lied to me Henry,you told me that you were the one controlling my dreams,and I believed you."I said looking at him in the eyes.
"He made me lie to you Star.He wants you all to himself,and I'm not going to let that happen."Henry said truthfully.
"Wh..what? How..."I was cut off.
"He's my long lost brother,Damon.He sounds like me and at times he makes himself look exactly like me,just to confuse people.But right now this is me,Henry J. Ruiz."He said holding me by the waist.
"I believe you..."I said with a tear in my eye.
He grinned and soon after he kissed me.Sparks flew every where as I felt his warm lips still pressed onto mine.I heard aw's and we stopped kissing.I saw my mother and grandmother looking at us in awe.I blushed and hugged them both.
"I'm sorry for the way I've been acting."I said.
"Apology accepted."My mother spoke for the both of them.
"We'll leave now."My grandmother smiled.
I giggled and closed the door.Henry looked at me with a smile of an angel,my heart skipped at beat as he walked to me.
"Now,Star,will you be mine?"He asked.
"Hmm...uh...Yes!"I screamed.
"Good."He smirked and kissed me deeply.
This...this is actually a happy part of my life,the only happy thing that's happened to me so far.But its still an afternoon,soon night will fall.
Henry left and it's exactly 8:59pm,and I have a feeling hell's going to break loose.Just as I took a deep breath and opened my door slowly I felt a gush of cold air hit me.I shut my eyes and before I knew it I was in my room with bloody walls.I looked everywhere and saw an unfamiliar figure,I slowly walked towards it and tapped its shoulder.The it was a he! Damon!He looked at me with a smirk on his face.I flinched as he gave me that stupid smile.
"Star,how have you been?"He asked smiling.
"Wipe that fake smile out of your face and get the fuck out of my dreams!"I yelled.
"Who said this was a dream?"He grinned evilly.
When he said that I could have sworn I heard the kind of music they play when something bad is about to happen.I glared at him and slapped him.He frowned and pinned me against the wall.
"Do it again! I dare you!"He screamed at me.
"You asked for it."I said and kneed him in his no no's.
He let go of me and I ran for the door,but just as I was down the hall way I tripped over a cord and hit my head on a sharp wall.I grunted as my head began to get lite.I blinked and blinked but darkness got to me before I could wake up.When I woke up I was in this unfamiliar place.Black walls with red stripes.I touched my head and flinched as I touched the bad part of it.I got up from the bed and stood up but quickly fell down.I heard the door open and I screamed.
"Shh shh...shush..."A voice said.
I cried and barried my head into the stranger.He hesitated at first and began to rock me.Sooner or later I was asleep and for once in a life time I had a dream.Not just any dream,a dream that I've never had before,of happiness.I woke up and noticed arms around me and I turned around to see Damon sleeping next to me.My eyes popped open and I quickly stood up and looked at him.He woke up looking at me with confusion.
"You!..Wh..I...what happened?"I questioned.
"You hit your head on a sharp wall and I brought you here in London,to my place."He grinned.
"Damon,you bastard take me back home! NOW!"I screamed.
"That's not going to happen,now tomorrow's your 15th birthday and I want to show you some fun."He smirked.
" do you know that tomorrow's my birthday?"I snapped.
"I've been watching you,duh,I know every little detail about you.How you have a birth mark on your left boob,how you twisted your ankle falling down the stairs at school,and how you've never had a real boyfriend that's never cared about you."He finished.
I glared at him,he was right about everything,nothing wrong.I crossed my arms remembering that he knows I have a birth mark on one of my boob.He smirked at me and began to walk towards me.I crashed to the wall and stayed there.He was near me,like near my face,I could feel his breath on my face.I closed my eyes and turned the other way.
"You know,Henry isn't perfect for you right?He just says he loves you just to have sex with you."He said sounding like he was telling the truth. "He's a 16 year old that wants to get laid,Star he just wants to get into your pants."
"Your lying.."I said convinced.
"No....I'm not.."He grabbed my chin and stared into my eyes."I may be a total dick,but I don't lie."
"How can I trust you,when you always torture me in my supposedly dreams?"I said crying.
"I'm told to do it Star,really,there's this other powerful guy that controls me.StarI don't want to hurt you because I love you,I've loved you every single second of your life."He said truthfully.
"Other? Who is that?"I asked completely ignoring his I love you.
"Lord Mackenzie."He said straight forward.
"Oh."I said looking at him.
His eyes were so beautiful.The way they shined in the dark.I caught him looking at my lips.I cleared my thought and he backed away blushing.
"Bu-"I was caught off with his passionate kiss.
I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back.He smiled and wrapped his hands around my waist.I felt something wet land on my cheek and I pulled away.I looked at him and saw him crying.I kissed his other tears away and kissed him.His tongue was on my bottom lip and gladly let him in.He explored with joy and carried me to his bed.He quickly pulled away and smiled at me.
"I don't want to go that far."He said looking at me.
"Neither do just freaken kiss me."I said pulling him towards me.
He grinned and kissed me deeply with passion.What has happened? Why am I kissing the guy that tortured me in my dreams?Does he really love me?Can I trust him? Ugh stupid questions,stupid confusion!

It's the day,my birthday. Damon still has me in London,and my mother is going crazy without me there. I made Damon drive me back to Arizona. And of course he took me back,but he had to go to his moms house. My mother exploded,not with anger but with tears. She thought I left her forever. After the crying she surprised me with a new phone,clothes,and shoes. By the time it was 4:30 the door bell rang and I walked to it in my new outfit. When I opened it my smile turned upside down. It was Henry, he smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek handing me a dozen red roses and a stuffed animal frog.
"Happy birthday Isabella." he smiled.
"Thanks." was all that came out.
"Want to go to the beach?"He asked.
"Isint it a bit cold?" I replied.
"Who cares?" he grinned.
"Hmm,sure fine why not." I said.
After I was out the door I jumped on his back and he gave me a piggy back half way to the beach. He put me down and kissed me lightly. I kissed him back and suddenly pulled away. He looked at me with a smile and dragged me to this amusement park. I saw him on top of a brick wall and stood there by his side looking at his beauty. He caught me staring at him and I leaned in to kiss him but he just stood there. I backed away a bit hurt and turned around to see Damon glaring at Henry. I stood there breathless,everything was getting blurry and my heart began to race. I turned right and ran.
"Bella!!" they both yelled.
I tripped over a rock and hit my head hard on a rock next to the other rock and quickly blacked out.When I "woke up" hell broke loose.

"Wake up!"Yelled a voice.
I couldn't find a way to open my eyes.I groaned a little and told my brain to let me open my damn eyes.I felt something slithering up my hand.I opened my eyes and saw a snake,I shrieked and through it off of me.
"Good,your awake."Said the voice.
I got up and looked around.I couldn't find anything.I looked everywhere and then once I turned around I saw him,Lord Mackenzie.I glared at him in disgust.He smirked and through me to the wall.
"Don't give me that look! I can kill you right now!"He spat.
"Not if I can wake up!"I yelled.
He looked at me in disbelief and began to laugh.I glared at him,watching his every move.He stopped and looked at me seriously.My heart stopped as he began to choke me.
"That wont be necessarily my dear,because I control you."He smirked. "Now,I want you to wake up and call for Henry."
"Huh?"Was all I said and I woke up in the hospital.
"Your awake!"Henry and Damon said at the same time.
"Looks like it..."I rolled my eyes.
'Call Henry forward to you' said Lord M.
"Henry? Can you come here?"I smiled.
"Anything you need?"He grinned.
"YOU TRAITOR!"Lord M. yelled blocking me from coming near my body.
"Lord Mackenzie?!"Damon questioned
"YOU!?"Henry yelled. "Don't you dare hurt Star!"
"Why! She's blacked out now...Like you give a damn about me."I interrupted him.
"Star? What are you talking about? I love you more than anything in the whole fucking world!"Henry cried.
In my head Lord M. was beating me badly.He threw me into a glass door.All I heard was him calling me a bitch and him talking to Henry.
"Now son,I want you two to come into her dream and face each other,whoever wins goes against me and wins the prize,Star."Lord M said.
"He doesn't even love her! He only wants to fuck her!"Damon yelled.
"What the fuck!? Your the horny one! I wouldn't do that to her! I love her! You told her lies about me just to get to her huh!?"Henry said slamming Damon to the floor.
"That a boy."Smirked Lord M.
I began to wake up,I saw Henry,Damon,and Lord M all concentrated at each other.I swallowed loud and saw my grandmother and mother tied up.I held my scream and slowly ran to them.
"Mom? Nana?!"I whispered loudly.
"Star?!"My mom whispered loudly.
"Star! Your okay!"Nana yelled.
"Yeah,I'm okay."I lied.
I began to untie them but soon felt this strong pain on my side that made me fall to the ground.I screamed in pain and looked at Lord Mackenzie,he was causing it,he was using some kind of mind power.Henry looked at me and was soon attacked by Damon.
"Hunnie! This is your dream you can control things in it."My mom whispered as I stopped crying.
"He's too strong!"I whispered back.
"Star,your stronger because your the one that's dreaming this,this is your dream,you can change it."Nana said to me.
I nodded and faced Lord M. he looked at me with a grin and soon began to throw me against the wall.I grunted and soon made him fall down.I gasped and whispered to myself something.
"The dream is over,take me back to reality,come on mind,you can take me out of this mess now."I said to myself.
"That's not going to work."Lord M said choking me.
Sooner or later we were all in the hospital room I was kept in.I screamed loud enough for the nurses and doctor's to come in.They saw Lord M. choking me and soon tazed him to the ground.I looked at him suffer in pain and giggled.Henry saw and chuckled.I stretched my arms out and he came running to me.
"Now do you believe I love you?"He said looking into my eyes.
"I always knew."I said and kissed him hard.
"Your not going to have her! I am,once I come up with a plan! Star! You will be mine!"Damon yelled running out of the room.
"Eh,Id like to see him try."I said kissed Henry again.
Is this a dream? Is this reality? What the hell?! It is!I was soon back in my head.Lord M was standing over me with a smirk.
"Help!!!!"I screamed.
"No one's going to help you anymore!"He said and everything went black.

I woke up in a meadow,I looked around,still laying on the ground.I sighed and got up.I looked to my left and right,Lord M. was no where to be in site.I pinched myself to try and see if I woke up,I didn't I was still inside my head.I ran to a willow tree and heard a laughter.I looked up and saw him there.I rolled my eyes and looked straight.He got off and smirked at me.I saw him do something at the corner of my eye and saw a head in his lap.It looked familiar.I turned my head and saw it,I screamed as I saw my grandmother's head on his lap.He laughed evilly,and gave it to me.I threw it off of me and cried hard.I wished he was gone,and when I looked up he wasn't there.I gasped and searched everywhere,but I didn't find him.I cheered up and wished myself out of the dream.When I opened my eyes I saw someone with black hair to my right,I shook the person and it woke up in a flash.I smiled when it turned out to be Henry.He looked shocked and suddenly he gave me the most passionate kiss ever.I smiled into it and kissed back.
"I'm so glad your awake! You've been out for 2 months."He said with his voice breaking.
"R..really?"I said in disbelief.
"Yea....I missed you."He said with tears pouring out.
"Come here."I said scooting over.
He hesitated at first because he thought he would hurt me,but then gave up and cuddled with me on my bed.He told me everything that's been happening.How Damon,was lying about how he only wanted me for sex,and that his dad was Lord M.I was shocked by all this.Half of my dream was true.Ugh! I asked him about my mom and Nana and he said that they were okay,that he always checked on them day and night.I smiled up at him and kissed him hard.
"I love you."He said during kissing me.
"I love you way more that you love me."I said pinching him.
He yelped and I stuck my tongue inside his mouth he smiled and stuck his in mine.After the make out session we fell asleep holding each other

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