Cat Lady

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Beware of the cat lady

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011




There is a legend of a woman with 100 cats. She trained these cats to hunt and kill any human that she told them to. Some variations of the story give her the ability to turn into a cat herself and other variations give her magical powers that she turns people into cats and have them do her bidding. I didn’t believe this legend until I met Ursula and her cats.

Of course she did not turn me into a cat but I used clean her house everyday and I’ve never actually counted the number of cats she has but I do know that she has a lot. There are a great number of missing children and teens in the this small town and one night I stumbled upon an extra room in her very large house while cleaning because a little black and white cat named Oscar was scratching and meowing wildly at a piece of board on the wall that was raised differently from the other boards I pulled on it and it was a door. The door was very small and dark. I knew I probably should not go in it but I did and when I looked around I found a number of children’s backpacks and toys and purses and wallets and in the wallets and purses I found many different identification cards and drivers licenses of many people that I swear I have seen before on missing posters. In the corner of the room were trash bags with clothes in them and shoes lined up against the wall. I freaked out because I know that Ursula was never able to have any children. I hurried up and shut the secret room because I heard Ursula calling me to clean downstairs. I was frightened so I lied and said I had to go because of an emergency but the crazy old woman blocked the door and started chanting in another language so I ran to the back door located in the kitchen and ran home so fast I became breathless. I never came to the police with the evidence because I was afraid she would have her cats murder me. She wasn’t able to finish her weird chanting but now after the incident every where I go every cat in a 1 mile radius follows me around and even trys to come inside my home. Sometimes when I try to talk I accidentally meow Its so scary.


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