Pondering Good and Evil

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words about good and evil

Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012




The more I learn of matters of good and evil

I begin to believe I am more proportionately evil

Creating a gravitational pull away from religious ideals

Things I see things I hear things I think and things I do

All of which can be considered to be self-motivated

I have succumbed to its temptation because I am weak

Though I dare not challenge it because I am afraid

Stuck in this muck I paddle my way around in the dark

I can’t find a lantern and if I could I have no matches

My place in or out of this world is not certain

I can see now how I am not welcome anywhere

Woes of the world weigh me down sink me farther

If such a thing as goodness exists so must its opposite evil

How could something so holy create something so wicked?

This is a set up for failure but maybe that’s the point of it all

Many times I feel like giving up not caring about events after death

How can insignificant little me in the vast reaches of the universe

In only 100 years or less of maturing while the divine is ageless

Be expected to make my own eternity altering decisions?

Whether my actions are accepted whether my beliefs are true

I must go on my life must mean something to someone

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