Second Sight Visions of the Dead

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Alex finds out that borrowing a dead girls glasses will show him more than he bargained for.

Submitted: February 26, 2015

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Submitted: February 26, 2015




Alarm clock buzzes ringing in Alex’s ears. He quickly throws on his glasses and a pair of yesterday’s clothes then runs downstairs and eats a bowl of rice crispy cereal while going over his class presentation. His mom calls out saying, “the bus is here!” Alex thinks the bus ride to school is like any other day B-O-R-I-N-G! When he does get to school he always goes the long way around to the east side of the school to avoid his high school bully Trevor. Trevor seems to have picked Alex to bully just because he wears glasses. The east hall is always more quiet just how he liked because he is a bit of a loner. While walking slowly down the hall he stops by the glass cases and notices a pair of prescription glasses that look very similar if not the same exact glasses that Alex himself wears. He thinks it very strange proceeds to read the inscription next to it. Glasses owned and worn by Jenny Holloway who died August 26th 2002. He thinks to himself those glasses belong to a dead girl? As soon as he turns around there’s Trevor who somehow found his place of refuge. Trevor calls out to him “HEY LOSER!” “Whatcha got in your hand LOSER?” Alex tries to make a beeline for the door but Trevor begins to push Alex effectively knocking down and cracking Alex’s class project. Trevor then steals Alex’s glasses and tries them on “ONLY LOSERS ARE THIS BLIND!” by now Alex is shouting “GIVE THEM BACK!”  Then Trevor throws them on the floor and stomps on them several times CRACK goes the lens! Alex just sits on the ground and puts his head in his palms. The first period bell rings and then finally Trevor leaves him alone. The halls fill with other students and empty just as fast. Alex finally gets an idea to borrow the glasses from the display case from the east hall. Sure enough as he places them on his face some kind of force knocks him down but he is now able to see again. Alex runs to class luckily Mr. Henderson has his back to the class and is too busy rambling on to notice the late student. Alex barely listening to the lecture notices a puddle of water appearing on the floor he stares at the puddle and sees several other little puddles forming around it that almost look like foot prints. The puddles seem to be getting closer to his desk. Anxiously Alex searches around the room to see if anyone else notices this. Then another large puddle forms right next to Alex’s desk so he glances at the puddle. Unexpectedly a child’s pale face stares back at him. Alex jumps back out of the seat yelling and pointing at the ground. “There’s a little girl in that puddle!” Mr. Henderson stunned starts tearing up in the face for a moment but then quickly gets angry “SIT DOWN and SHUT UP! I AM TRYING TO TEACH HERE!” Alex like a dog with its tail between its legs sits down quietly and tries not to cause any more trouble. As soon as things start to settle down Alex hears a scratching and gurgling type of noise behind him. Terrified he slowly turns around to see a small figure hunched over. Alex starts to scoot his desk forward in an attempt to get away but the small figure slowly starts to stand up still turned away. Alex quickly slides into to the empty desk in front of him but the small pale girl starts to walk towards him locking him into the desk he is in. The girl is trying to talk but only mumbles her mouth seems to have something in it. Terrified Alex is now leaning way back in his seat sweating and shaking. He sees her open her mouth letting out pools of water flowing like a small waterfall. Then the girl’s whole body collapses into a huge puddle on the ground. Alex screams, takes his things and runs out of the room as fast as he can. The 2nd period bell rings and Mr. Henderson quickly catches up to Alex. Frantically Mr. Henderson asks “WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT ANNA?” “I don’t know what you are talking about? Says Alex. “Don't act like you don’t know” “You were making me out to be a fool in front of the whole class digging up my past like that. Someone must have told you!” “Who is ANNA? I seriously don’t know who you are talking about Mr. Henderson!” Then in a mournful voice Mr. Henderson says, “Anna was my 4-year-old daughter that drowned last year.” “Oh I’m sorry to hear that Mr. Henderson.” Alex now freaked out lies “I gotta go to the library so I can repair my project before 3rd period” and Alex hurriedly walks away to the library. The quiet little library feels a lot calmer and relaxing. The librarian is currently away so no one will bother Alex or tell him to go back to class. Alex pulls out a mighty max comic book and begins to read. However he feels as though he cannot concentrate so he decides to walk around the library. Looking at a few random books he eventually notices a pair of wrinkly old eyes staring back at him through the books he calls out to the person but no answer. So he walks around to the other side and no one is there. Well that is unusual he thinks. He resumes looking at other random books and the same occurrence keeps happening. After awhile he recognizes the eyes. He has seen those eyes before. Spooked he runs out of the library to look at the plaque outside. He looks at the photo of elderly lady which sure enough those are the same eyes and he reads Garland Library founded by Mrs. Mary Garland who helped fund the building of this library and devoted herself as a librarian for 40 years until her death. Alex stops reading his heart is pounding as he suddenly realizes that he has some how been seeing ghosts! Alex thinks to himself “Why am I seeing ghosts? Do I have a gift? Have I always seen ghosts and just never noticed? Nah that can’t be it!” Alex hears a person say “Why aren’t you in class young man?” “I uh… uh… um was on my way to the nurses office.” “Well do you have a teachers note?” Alex knows he is in trouble and says, “I must have lost it” “Well next time you need an excuse note unless you want detention. I will walk with you to the nurse.” At the nurses office his chief complaint is a headache and blurry vision. The nurse assesses pain level and his eyesight using a snellen chart. “Your eyesight seems to be 20/20 so your complaint is most likely due to eye strain that would explain the headache. Have you recently gotten a new pair of glasses?” Alex lies “well mine are currently broken so I had to borrow a pair from a friend.” The nurse checks his file and sees that Alex has permission to have 1 Tylenol so she gives it to him. As she does this Alex is reminded of the glasses and how they were owned by a dead girl. So he questions the nurse to see if she knows anything about Jenny Holloway the previous owner of the glasses resting on Alex’s head. The nurse looks perplexed and has sadness in her eyes “Jenny was a student here at Redwood. She was struck down and killed in the school cross walk on 39th avenue by her ex boyfriend while she was walking to school. He had just gotten his drivers license.” “Well enough time wasted here it is just about lunch you need to go to the cafeteria and get some food that might even help the headache.” Not heeding the nurse’s advice Alex goes back to the display case where he picked up the dead girls glasses he considers putting them back because he thinks the glasses are the reason he has this new 6th sense. Soon enough the lights in the hallway begin to flicker and darken. The hallway Alex is in begins to become colder and the glass on the display case fogs from his breath. He backs away but his feet do not seem to work so he falls to the ground and hears a piercing scream. There is a shadowy figure coming down the hall. He starts quickly crawling on his hands and knees trying to get away. The shadow slowly starts to become clearer. It begins to look like a student. However, this student looks injured her left eyes is missing and her head is smashed in concave like a bowl. Her clothes look bloody and have tire tread. Alex knows that this is JENNY and she wants her glasses BACK! Alex throws the glasses from his face towards the apparition. He can no longer see her now but only sees the glasses levitate as if she were placing them on her own face. Alex decides he doesn’t want to be at school anymore and decides to walk the 6 miles home later to he pleads to his mother to see if he can transfer.

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