The Night My Brother Disappeared

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He disappears and is never seen or heard from again


My brother and I never go home immediately after school we go to the historic library on Mill Street, which is open till midnight. Nobody goes to this library anymore because they built a brand new library on Baker Street but we still go there because we are friends with the librarian named Betsy. It is not that far of a walk from our school but we always take the shortcut, which is through the abandoned park and through the creepy crumbling cemetery. Everyday we say hi to Betsy then go to the back and do our homework when we are finished we help Betsy with whatever she needs or sometimes we read a book. We always stay until the library closes. One night my brother and I where in the back putting some books away and all of a sudden the lights in the library go off except for the security lights and the exit signs. We shout out to Betsy and she doesn’t say anything then we hear the door to the library lock so we shout louder. Betsy is getting old so she must have forgotten about us so we run to the door and we can’t get out. My brother starts panicking and yelling at me so I leave him by the entrance to go check the back door. I go to the back door and it is locked too so then I decide to go the barricaded area under construction due to water damage. After I slip through the plastic hanging from the ceiling and the do not cross banners I see minimal damage which makes me wonder why it was even blocked off I see hundreds more books that I have never see so I holler to my brother to come “I found something” I said. He yells back “okay I’m coming where are you?” I pick some books about paranormal and the occult my brother finds me he asks, “What are you doing you know where not supposed to be in here?” I don’t answer because I find a really damaged book with a weird symbol on it as soon as I open it the room got cold. My brother starts muttering to himself complaining about the change in temperature. I tell him it’s just the air conditioner kicking on. Then I get to the middle of the book and there is a built in ouija board. I plead and demand to my brother to play it with me. By now he is already threatening to leave and look for a phone in the library but somehow I convince him to play by telling him that ghosts aren’t real and reminding him that we are in a library. “Why would a library be haunted anyway?” I read the instructions and it is just some kind of chant or rhyme then the board starts to glow. We think nothing of it and start to play the game putting our hands on the slider. “I ask are we alone in the library?” The slider starts to pull immediately toward to the word no. This causes us to argue about who was moving it. Then my brother starts asking a bunch of stupid questions like “What are you and who are you?” Mad at me he starts challenging it to move the slider by itself. I start laughing at him because I think he is being retarded but then I almost fall over when the slider starts moving on its own spelling out the word death then the slider fly’s off the board and under a book shelf. I tell my brother to get it but he says “no way” “but we have to put it away!” I say. So I go over there to get it I lay on my stomach and reach under the bookshelf and feel around for it until something grabs me and won’t let go I scream because its nails are sinking into my flesh. My brother can’t help me because books start flying off the shelf at him. All of a sudden the lights turn on and the terror stops I look back and my brother is missing I hear our names being called so I yell back “we are here!” I run to the voice and see the cops and our parents. My mom asks “where is your brother” I tell her “he was just with me” so the cops start searching the place for him for hours but turn up nothing. Later on that night I found out that Betsy had died in a car accident driving home. As for my brother he just vanished never heard from again. After Betsy died they closed library I vowed to never go back there again.

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Lady Wolf

Aw poor Betsy lol, nice story.

Fri, August 12th, 2011 9:54pm



Sun, August 14th, 2011 4:19am

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