The Not So Funny Prank

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Prank gone wrong dead wrong

Submitted: July 28, 2011

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Submitted: July 28, 2011




Staying at a friend’s house one night Kayla, my friend from school, and I decided to play a prank on her unsuspecting grandfather Harold. Harold is always telling Kayla what to do and all he likes to do is sleep and eat so any fun Kayla and I try to have is always bothers Harold so we have to stop or go outside because we are too loud. We had a plan for revenge against Harold a harmless yet funny practical joke that we thought of after school one day the plan was to rig the house up with strings and set the timers on all the TV’s in the house and alarm clocks to go off at the same time some time around midnight. The strings weren’t invisible but due to her grandfathers deteriorating eyesight he would not see them. Pulling on the strings would cause items to fall shelves and curtains and doors to open and close. All of this was supposed to simulate a ghost haunting. We planned to rig the house while her grandpa was asleep. We woke him up by sharing scary stories with each other so that he could hear us talking about how we thought the house was haunted and make up ghost encounters we had in previous nights at the house to get him a little scared. The prank went well it went so well that it scared poor Harold so badly that he had a heart attack and fell down the stairs and died right in the spot he fell. Ever since that night every time I go to Kayla’s house I have to leave before midnight because Harold’s ghost haunts the stairwell. Every night at the same time you can hear him yelling and falling down the stairs. I guess he never got over the prank we played on him that night.


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