Unhappiest Truth

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Submitted: March 03, 2016

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Submitted: March 03, 2016



There is a fire burning within my soul

Not a good one

There is a knife cutting at my seams

I am falling apart

Skip the beginning

Go straight to the end

I burn in hell

I ‘m just a shitty person like that

Darkest of hearts

I can’t cope

There will come a day

When everyone decides

I am no longer worth the effort

Causing only pain and destruction

I can’t even keep myself above the water

Like a fool I drown

There was a time when I was pretty

I wore dresses did what was expected

Now I am just a pain in everyone’s ass

Ugly person can’t please the crowd

Nowhere to fit in can see the light

Why bother life is so exhausting

Wouldn’t just be easier if I were never born

I am just a black hole

Suck all the life and happiness

Rip it to shreds

Send it to far away destinations

You can never recover

From the damage I reap

I am just pure evil

No wonder I hate myself

Just like everyone else

Worthless creature

Roam the night

Why not just take flight

Off of a 22nd story building

Hid the ground hard like

Hard dense head first

Crack your polluted brain

On that hard cement

Societies relief from my own death

The world can and will go on without me

Quit pretending

No one would really miss me

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