Alien Warfare : empire at war Ch. 3 pt. 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
after winning the battle to destroy the radar tower in the city, Separatist and Human forces march on to the imperial Air station, Right now they rest but the next day....more blood will be shed

Submitted: September 14, 2009

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Submitted: September 14, 2009



( Tanks, wheeled vehicles and Soldiers move down the rocky road with tall pointy mountains with Jacob and his squad on a Truck )

Xzanir : so, next is Montellani, the city of light

Samil : city of light? *looks at him*

Xzanir : yeah, you ever heard of it?

Samil : *shakes head* no sir

Xzanir : its a place where zeogens go to spend money at casinos or bars, a place to have fun

Samil : I see

Nong : If were lucky, we won't destroy most of the place

Vex : when vex comes in, the whole place will be filled with hot laser burns

Jacob : *looks at both his hands* the strength I had sis it happen....

Xzanir : remember when those doctors injected you with some strange stuff? some of it may have given you powers or something

Jacob : well I like it, I think im going to need it soon

Nong : yeah mabey

Zing : *nodding*

Jacob : Rose! is dinner ready yet?

Rose : just a minute, I don't have 8 arms you know!

*fumes appear from the truck Rose is in*

Xzanir : *smells fumes* that smells so good *closes eyes*

Vex : *sniffs the air* damn!, that smells good

Samil : *sniffs* wow.....

Jacob : *chuckles*

Rose : it's ready! I already fed everyone else so eat as much as you like *smiles and shows bowls of soup that are filled with chicken, potatoes and cheese*

Xzanir : im first! *jumps to the truck Rose is in and takes a bowl*

Vex : *jumps to truck and takes a bowl*

*samil and nong jump to truck but samil misses a step and hangs from the side**nong helps samil up while zing jumps to the truck*

Jacob : *notices a tall dark armored muscular figure walk in* hey Xaldian

Xaldian : hello human *walks to him*

Jacob : *looks at Xzanir and his squad eating and laughing* it's nice to see the guys relax and enjoy themselves, at least for the moment

*nightmare appears beside the food and takes a bowl*

Xaldian : yes, I want to thank you for giving us a chance, our races work together really well

Jacob : *stands up and looks at him then holds his hand out* you have my thanks, for standing with us to the very end

*xaldian shakes his hand*

Rose : *yells* jacob, come eat!

*jacob smiles and jumps over to where rose is*

Xaldian : *looks up at sky*  hmmmmmm.....

(  The next day  )

Xaldian : alright!, Wake Up!!

*all separatist soldiers wake up to see sand everywhere*

Xaldian : we have a road block *points at rocks blocking their path* clear it so we can continue

Xzanir : *sighs* we got it *gets up and slumps around*

Vex : shit.....*yawns* time to get up already?

Nong : it's the life of a soldier

Samil : *gets up slowly*

Xzanir : *walks to boulder then picks it up and throws it*

*everyone else does the same*

Jacob : *looks around* somethings not right......, we're being watched

*wind blows hard*

Samil : *stops for a second and listens*

*small movements in sand*

Xzanir : *eyes open wide* get out of the trucks!! Now!

* A Giant rocky worm jumps out and destroys 3 trucks by landing on them*

*Trucks and Tanks start to drive off and everyone starts running*

Xzanir : *loads his gun* we have to take it out!

Jacob : how? *running while panting*

Xzanir : we have to blow it up from the inside

to be continued

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